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We Happy Few Lockpicking Guide – How to Get Lockpicks

by Larryn Bell

Lockpicking is an essential skill to have in We Happy Few. Luckily, the lockpicking system is also very simple. In case you missed the lockpicking part of the tutorial or if you simply forgot, we’ll explain how lockpicking works and how to maintain a steady supply of Lockpicks in We Happy Few. 

How to Get Lockpicks

Like most items in the game, Lockpicks can be found while scavenging throughout the world. Lockpicks can also be crafted in your inventory as well if you need them in a pinch. Although Lockpicks have been available in We Happy Few since its early access days, it’s important to note that the crafting ingredients for various items have since been changed in the final version of the game. 

Crafting Lockpicks doesn’t require much. All you need are two Bobby Pins to craft one Lockpick, and usually you can find multiple Bobby Pins laying around in a single spot. You can typically find Bobby Pins tucked inside trash cans and medicine cabinets, or sitting on top of vanities, dressers, and tables. 

How Lockpicking Works

The actual act of lockpicking is very simple in We Happy Few. As long as you have Lockpicks in your inventory, you can approach nearly any locked door or container and simply hold down the Pick Lock button prompt (V on PC). Lockpicking takes just a few seconds, and you don’t have to worry about failed attempts. 

Try to avoid picking locks while enemies are around. If they spot you trespassing while trying to break into a container or room, they are likely to become hostile. Lockpicking is a crime, so be prepared for the enemies to either attack you or call the police. 

There you have it. Be sure to keep at least a few Lockpicks handy while exploring so that you can access locked rooms and containers that may contain valuable items. Check out some of our other We Happy Few guides for more tips and tutorials.

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