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Watch Dogs 2 – Best Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Watch Dogs 2 borrows quite a bit from the first game and even a little bit from Grand Theft Auto, but it’s also a very unique game. We’ve compiled some of the best Watch Dogs 2 tips to help you hit the ground running and gain every advantage possible early in the game. We’ll also have more tips and tricks coming through the month so keep your browser locked on Prima Games!

Skill Selection

As you play through Watch Dogs 2, you will be able to unlock skills and abilities that will help you complete the mission at hand. Toward the beginning of the game you want to focus more on specialized skills instead of the more general skills and tools available. The style of play you choose should determine which specialized skills you opt to go with. For example, if you want to play the Trickster style, it’s best to focus on hacking abilities as you’ll get the most benefit out of them.

Scout First

Almost anywhere you go in Watch Dogs 2 you’ll find security cameras. Just like in the first game, you can hack into these cameras to get a preview of what you’re about to get yourself into. Use security cameras to determine the location of enemies (who will be marked on your map once spotted), areas where you can hack the environment to your advantage, or just to plan out how you will infiltrate the area you’re scouting. Using security cameras gives you a huge advantage that should never be overlooked, as it can help you complete an objective you’ve been having trouble with, or just give you an edge so you can finish the job that much faster.

Multiple Ways to Play

Just like the first Watch Dogs, there are multiple play styles that will help get you through the game. While you ate free to select which of the three play styles fits you the best, there will be times when you’ll need to use a specific play style to complete the objective at hand. In addition, if you’re trying to play stealth (Ghost) and get spotted, the situation changes quickly and you can no longer rely on stealth tactics to complete your objective.

The first option is spray and pray (Aggressor) in which you go in guns blazing and take down anyone in sight. This works well if you have good aim and aren’t worried about getting overrun by the multitude of enemies that will descend upon you once guns start blasting. You’re going to need guns if you want to use this play style, and one of the easiest ways to get a shotgun early in the game is by attacking random pedestrians. This will send the police after you, who tend to carry shotguns. Take out one of the police officers and collect his shotgun to obtain the SG-90 Pump Action weapon. Even if you die in the process, you’ll still retain the gun.

You can choose to play stealth (Ghost), sneaking around corners doing your best Solid Snake impression and avoiding conflict as much as possible. This is more time consuming, but it’s generally the safest way to play. Finally, there’s the hacking play style (Trickster) that sees your character focusing on hacking the system and using the environment to complete objectives. This is arguably the easiest play style, so if you’re having trouble early in the game, give it a shot.

Download Phone Apps

In Watch Dogs 2 you can download several phone apps throughout the game. Some are more useful than others, but it’s a nice feature nonetheless. We recommend downloading the SongSneak app as soon as possible. This app allows you to download any new music you come across in the game so you can add it to the in-game playlist. Anyone who’s familiar with Grand Theft Auto knows that music can really increase your enjoyment of the game. The more tracks you have available to you, the better off you’ll be.

Another aspect of GTA that has been transferred over to Watch Dogs 2 is the ability to take a pictures of places. If you download the ScoutX app you can use it to take photographs. The difference is that there’s actually a purpose to the app in Watch Dogs 2. The more photos you take of new and unique locations, the more your DedSec follower increases and the faster you progress through the game.

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