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Warzone | How to Get Free Texas Chainsaw Massacre Items

by Lucas White

The seasonal Haunting of Verdansk event has kicked off in Call of Duty: Warzone today. While the Trick or Treat boxes scattered throughout the battle royale map are arguably the main attraction here, there’s a bit of cross-branding fun as well. For example, there’s a whole set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre content you can acquire, via Lionsgate. Most of it you have to pay for, but you can get a couple items for your account for free.

Warzone Free Texas Chainsaw Massacre Items

To start off with, let’s explain what’s going on. As part of the Haunting of Verdansk event, a Lionsgate IP crossover gimmick has entered the picture as well. You can hop into the game’s premium shop, and get two different DLC packs for Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Saw series. Both packs are priced at roughly $20 each, in Call of Duty points of course.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre pack contains the following items:


  • Skin Crawler (Leatherface) – Operator Skin
  • Family Heirloom – FiNN LMG Skin
  • Buzzkill – MP5 Skin
  • Meat Grinder – Combat Knife Skin
  • The Squealer – Vehicle Horn
  • Keychainsaw – Charm
  • Familiar Face – Sticker
  • Verdansk Chainsaw Massacre – Calling Card
  • Killer Portrait – Emblem
  • Nightmare Fuel – Spray

And the Saw pack has this stuff in it:

  • Billy – Operator Skin
  • Confession – CR-56 AMAX Skin
  • Death Trap – Model 680 Skin
  • Phlebotomist – Combat Knife Skin
  • Pain Train – Truck Vehicle Skin
  • Let’s Play a Game – Charm
  • Play Me – Sticker
  • SAW – Calling Card
  • The Choice is Yours – Emblem
  • Spiral Cut – Spray

Not everyone wants to just drop 20-40 bucks on DLC cosmetics, however. But it would still be nice to be able to participate in the festivities, right? It isn’t much, but as part of the deal you can get a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Calling Card and Emblem for your Call of Duty account through the former’s official website. These items won’t actually show up in the game until after the event is over, but you need to go ahead and redeem them ahead of time. Here’s what you need to do:

First, you just need to go to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre website and get through the silly thematic prompts. Once you do that you’ll see a prompt to enter your email address. If you do that, you’ll soon get an email from Activision with a redemption code, which you’ll then need to redeem through your Call of Duty account at the Call of Duty website.

When you do all this, just keep your expectations at a reasonable level, because we don’t even know what these items look like yet. If you really want to deck your account out in either of these series’ paraphernalia, you’ll have to shell out the premium points.

What do you think of this cross-promotional effort? Are Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre items a bit too silly for Call of Duty, or are you ready to open up your wallet for that Leatherface costume? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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