Warhammer 40k Darktide: All Enemy Types Listed

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Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Hub Area
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Warhammer 40k Darktide features a broad selection of enemy types for you to smash into pieces using an electrified hammer or boltgun. Some present as basic mobs, nothing more than relentless, frothing-at-the-mouth zombies sent to maim. But others, like Daemonhost—an utter monstrosity—prove more capable and devastating. These are all enemy types in Warhammer 40k Darktide, so you may learn your enemy before destroying them!

Every Enemy Type in Warhammer 40k Darktide

The majority of the enemies you face in Warhammer 40k Darktide are little more than mindless mobs. They serve as cannon fodder to the Chaos Gods. They are mere playthings for you and the other prisoners to deal with. We’ll separate the various enemy types in Warhammer 40k Darktide into categories, such as Horde, Specialist, Elite, and Monster.

Horde Enemy Types

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Horde Enemy Type
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  • Groaner: The typical monster that unrelentingly moves forward to stop your squad. They often appear in small mobs, as single entities, and occasionally as a full-blown horde.
  • Poxwalker: The second most common type of enemy in Darktide, the Poxwalker is slightly more dangerous than the Groaner and often spawns behind your squad to ambush.
  • Dreg Bruiser: The Bruiser is lightly armored, quick-moving, and equipped with a mace for close-range damage.
  • Scab Bruiser: A more up-armored version of the Dreg Bruiser, the Scab Bruiser equips the same type of mace but with additional armor. A headshot works best!
  • Dreg Stalker: The Dreg Stalker is one of the weakest ranged enemies you’ll face, capable of sniping from afar and reducing your overall Toughness. When you close the distance, he’ll swap to a basic sword.
  • Scab Shooter: An armored gunner equipped with a Laspistol and bayonet. He swaps between the two depending on distance.
  • Scab Stalker: The Stalker likes to use hit-and-run tactics to reduce your Toughness before swapping to a basic sword for up-close melee attacks.

Specialist Enemy Types

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Mutant Monster Type
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  • Dreg Tox Flamer: The Flamer typically spawns behind the squad or hides until you pass by, then steps out to unleash his flamethrower.
  • Poxburster: The Poxburster is a walking time bomb that ticks. If you hear the ticking, use a ranged attack to stop the Poxburster before he closes the distance and explodes.
  • Scab Bomber: The Bomber tosses grenades into the group with little concern for friendly fire, so eliminate him quickly to avoid losing health.
  • Scab Flamer: Like the Dreg Tox Flamer but with additional armor, the Scab Flamer typically aims for an AEO attack in which he ignites the entire floor around your feet.
  • Scab Sniper: A walking, talking pain, the Scab Sniper fires from afar and deals considerable damage. If you spot his red laser sight, act quickly.
  • Mutant: This roaming monstrosity charges at a single player and locks them in place with a grab attack. He will quickly down prisoners who do not dodge quickly enough or receive rescue from teammates.
  • Pox Hound: Perhaps the most annoying enemy in Darktide, the Pox Hound is a fast-moving creature capable of knocking down and disabling your team. If he knocks you to the ground, only another teammate can free you.
  • Scab Trapper: Another annoying enemy, the Scab Trapper will ambush unsuspecting players and wrap them in a damage-dealing net. Only rescue from another prisoner will free you of his trap!

Elite Enemy Types

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Crusher Enemy Type
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  • Dreg Gunner: The Dreg Gunner is equipped with a large machine gun that lays down suppressive fire and, if you’re caught in the open, will deal a lot of damage.
  • Dreg Rager: The Rager goes wild with rage the moment he catches sight of you, so be wary of his charge attack and spam attacks.
  • Dreg Shotgunner: While not overly dangerous, the Dreg Shotgunner deals close-range damage that can down an unsuspecting prisoner. He’s easily manageable, though.
  • Scab Gunner: The basic Scab Gunner uses suppression and fireteam tactics to deal heavy ranged damage to your team.
  • Scab Mauler: The knight of the Scab enemy types, the Mauler is heavily armored and equipped with a chain axe that deals severe damage up close.
  • Scab Rager: An upgraded version of the Dreg Rager that deals significant damage if you let him come too close.
  • Scab Shotgunner: A close-range damage dealer with a powerful shotgun that can prove devastating up close.
  • Bulwark: The Bulwark utilizes an oversized riot shield making him completely immune to forward-facing attacks. You need to get around behind him!
  • Crusher: The Crusher does as its name suggests; he crushes you. With a giant hammer seemingly made of concrete and rebar, this giant deals close-range damage in a wide arc.
  • Reaper: An Elite enemy carrying a massive machine gun, the Reaper will unleash hellfire upon the entire squad, causing suppression. You can stagger him with enough damage, then move in for the kill.

Monster Enemy Types

  • Plague Ogryn: Once an everyday Orgyn, now overwhelmed by plague. The Plague Ogryn charges forward, dealing severe damage in a powerful knock-back attack.
  • Scab Captain: A boss-type enemy that occasionally appears at the end of a round, the Scab Captain utilizes a Plasma Gun and Maul to deal damage.
  • Beast of Nurgle: A slithering monstrosity similar to an oversized, plague-riddled slug, the Beast of Nurgle spews sludge that slows down movement and will happily swallow you whole.
  • Chaos Spawn: A beast warped by Chaos, the Chaos Spawn is a random boss encounter that occurs partway through a level. They move quickly, leaping at players for devastating pounce attacks.
  • Daemonhost: Do not disturb! Seriously, the Daemonhost is a dangerous foe when angered and will focus on a single player before draining their sole and running into the void.

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