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Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Tips – Gold, Ore, Weapon Forging

Earn lots of gold and upgrade your weapons to defeat Chaos!
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Take command of an Imperial Knight and decimate Chaos forces in Pixel Toys’ gorgeous and free iOS game, Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade.  If you have trouble earning cool gear and gold, use these tips to beat all of the missions and unlock the best weapons to impress the Dark Angels Space Marines.

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Light Weapon versus Heavy Weapon

Your Imperial Knight comes equipped with different weapons. Its Light Weapon lets you pulverize ground troops and smaller vehicles, while the Heavy Weapon punctures armored vehicles; that said, you’re free to use the Heavy Weapon on weaker foes if you want. 

To use the Light Weapon, place a finger on the screen and guide the reticule to the intended target. Pay close attention to the circular meter surrounding this reticule.  The meter quickly depletes and when it runs dry the Light Weapon overheats, rendering it useless for a short amount of time; this leaves your Imperial Knight vulnerable to enemy fire. To prevent overheating, fire in short and controlled bursts.  Quickly paint targets to kill these opponents and then release your finger to allow the meter to replenish. 

With the Heavy Weapon, firmly press the screen and wait for the targeting reticule to change. When this happens, guide the reticule to your target and then release. The thought of pressing the iPhone or iPad screen with added force may sound unappealing, but these devices can withstand the pressure, so long as you don’t possess superhuman strength. 

Additionally, the Heavy Weapon features a limited amount of ammo, so keep an eye on the remaining rounds next to the Heavy Weapon icon, located on the top left corner of the screen.

Tip: Monitor your Imperial Knight’s health, which appears on the bottom left. In the green? You’re OK. In the red? Exercise caution. 

Winning Melee Battles 

Throughout the game your Imperial Knight will square off against mechanical giants. In some cases you can destroy these adversaries with weapons fire instead of locking up, but for the most part you’ll need to let your Chainsword do the talking.

When you see a red icon appear over a mech’s body part, immediately tap it to launch into a maneuver; fail to do this and the computer-controlled mech lands the first blow.  This results in a mini-game along the bottom of the screen where you must wait until two moving lines meet within a highlighted area. Tap this area at the right time and you’ll deliver a critical hit. Tap a bit earlier and you’ll land a decent swing for moderate damage. Tap even earlier and you’ll miss, resulting in a counterattack. Succeed and you’ll create piles of mechanical limbs in your wake.

Tip: You’ll need to play through Freeblade and level up to unlock or purchase the different Imperial Knight paint colors. There’s plenty of customization in this game, although impatient players can let the game select a random paintjob. Otherwise, prepare to put in some work for Daemonette Hide. 

Using Your Shield 

At certain points throughout a mission you’ll see a blue icon appear over a specific enemy or vehicle. Wait until the moving pieces line up and then tap this icon to command your Imperial Knight to activate its shield to repel the incoming attack. 

Doing this is easy unless you zoom in too much with multiple enemies on screen. If you focus on a vehicle along the bottom of the screen, there’s a chance you won’t see the creature with the rocket launcher positioned near the top right corner.

If you feel confident in your abilities, it is possible to destroy an enemy or vehicle before it has the chance to fire.

Virtual Currency 

You will earn a variety of different currencies in Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, all of which go towards different in-game components. These include Campaign Medals, Patrol Medals (beat Patrol Missions), Gold (obtain through quests, leveling up and special events) and Ore (beat campaign, patrol or mission objectives).

Tip: Take part in Daily Events to score big time prizes, but make sure you have the skills to beat these generally difficult missions. Die and you can restart from the beginning by spending gold or watching a movie; there’s also the option to abandon the event.


There are five types of Wargear in this game, designated by chests of different colors. White chests contain common items, green chests contain uncommon items, blue chests contain rare items, purple chests contain epic items and finally, orange chests contain legendary items. Similar to the engrams in Destiny, it’s much easier to find green chests compared to purple ones. 

You have the option of deploying a team for a chance to receive equipment and items. This happens automatically without effort on your part. You can use gold to pay for another salvage team. Otherwise you’ll need to wait until another one becomes available, which in our experience takes 12 hours. You can always buy more gold with real cash, but we think it’s better to wait until time expires. 

Tip: Speaking of actual money, look for in-games deals. These bundles include valuable items at a “bargain” price. Example: 80,000 ore and three legendary items for $6.99 instead of $11.99. 

Equip Blessings 

Blessings increase the chance of earning a bigger payout for completing a mission. One may boost loot quality times 10, while another will increase earned XP by three.  You can watch videos to receive free blessings or buy more with gold. 

Tip: Should you die mid mission, use a revive to restart from the previous checkpoint. The best part? The game will repair your Imperial Knight and you’ll still have items you picked up while on he current mission. 

Forge and Upgrade 

Early on you receive the ability to use acquired ore to forge weapons and upgrade existing gear. You can drag the available gear into item slots or select Auto Forge if you want the game to do the work.  Both forging and upgrading are essential to progressing in Freeblade. The higher something’s quality, the more you can upgrade it and destroy adversaries with minimal effort. 

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This guide is a work in progress.

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