Warframe: Where to Farm Connla Sprout

With it, sprout some new tools!

Warframe Connla Sprout
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While exploring the more open maps of Warframe, you’ll want to collect many resources to help you craft useful items back at your Orbiter. Here’s where to farm Connla Sprout in Warframe.

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Where to Get Connla Sprout in Warframe

Connla Sprout can be found exclusively in Duviri, the newest open-world map of Warframe. Within Duviri, you’ll find Connla Sprout adjacent to various bodies of water or within the extensive cave systems under select islands. You’ll also find more Connla Sprout at the Lunaro Court location. The plant is noted by its blue rings, with two sideways and one upright topping it off. You can also use the image above to identify the plant easier.

Each Connla Sprout plant will give a handful of Connla Sprout, so you should be able to get quite a lot provided you’re thoroughly searching Duviri on your next run. If it’s currently the Anger Spiral in Duviri, then you’ll see the plant surrounded by a red aura.

How to Use Connla Sprout

Connla Sprout is used in several recipes both in and out of Duviri. The recipes, along with how much Connla Sprout is needed, can be found below:

  • Edun – 40x Connla Sprout.
  • Ceramic Dagger Incarnon Genesis – 80x Connla Sprout.
  • Skana Incarnon Genesis – 80x Connla Sprout.
  • Sibear Incarnon Genesis – 80x Connla Sprout.
  • Kullervo Neuroptics – 80x Connla Sprout.
  • Cinta String – 40x Connla Sprout.

If you only want one of each of the above, you’ll need 420 Connla Sprout to get everything required. That sounds like a lot, but it isn’t much, provided you don’t try to farm it all in one go. Chances are you won’t have all these items for a while, so farming them as needed will be much easier.

If you’re looking for more help snagging resources, check out our guide on the best ways to farm Morphics in Warframe.

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