Warframe Coolant Raknoid Guide – How to Use Canisters

Trying to rack up those Buried Debt event points to get your Opticor Vandal? Our Warframe Coolant Raknoid guide should help you take those first steps.

f you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the Opticor Vandal rifle that we’ve been gushing about in Warframe, then you’re going to have to get competent at gunning through the Buried Debts event. We’re talking sealing up Thermia Fractures, of course. Check out our Warframe Coolant Raknoid guide on how to clam up these fractures for good and to get the points that you need for your weapon.

Warframe Coolant Raknoid Guide – How to Use Canisters

To get your hands on the canisters that you need to seal up the Thermia Fractures, you’re going to have to (predictably) gun straight for Orb Vallis. You’ll be wanting to look out for an Exploiter Orb, who will be easy to spot because they’ll be surrounded by Coolant Raknoids.  

Your job, should you choose to accept it is to basically assassinate a Coolant Raknoid. The Orb is going to be a total waste of your time to focus on, so take out any relevant shields and drop a Raknoid – this will let you loot a Coolant Canister. 

Now that you have your hands on a Coolant Canister, you’re going to be able to use it to put out the literal fires that are spewing out of what looks like portals to Hell. Totally fun! You just have to make sure that you’re standing right on top of a Thermia Fracture before you interact with it, Coolant Canister in tow, and you’ll kick off a timed event where you’ll have to put down a bunch of enemies until a progress bar hits 100. 

Once this happens, the Thermia Fracture will be sealed, and sealing one will give you 7 points if you’re calculating what you need to get maximum rewards out of the Buried Debts event. As mentioned previously, you’re going to need 100 for the Opticor Vandal, so you’re going to want to keep grinding away. Just rinse and repeat the steps above with other Coolant Raknoids for success.

Now that you know what to do with the Warframe Coolant Raknoids and the canisters that they drop, getting enough points by sealing those pesky Thermia Fractures should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with anything else in Warframe? Check out these tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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