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Vane – How to Solve the Ending Tower Puzzle

by Larryn Bell

So you’ve gathered you’re feathered friends in the desert, found your way out of the cave, and got the ball rolling to reach the Tower in Vane. All that’s left now is to make the trek up the Tower itself to find out what this journey has been all about. There’s more than one way to get stuck as you make your ascent, so we’ve put together a walkthrough below to help you solve the Tower puzzle in Vane and conclude your journey.

How to Complete the Tower Ending

From the gate, walk forward and follow the golden ball to its new resting place on a platform in the center of the Tower. Approach the ball and it will disappear, revealing a golden mask. Go up and take the mask by holding Circle and pulling backward.

After picking up the mask, you will see several broken paths ahead along the outer perimeter of the platform leading in different directions. You can form new walkways by holding Triangle while near the start of each path.

Each path leads off toward a different doorway. The direction you choose to go is up to you. We chose to take the first path on the left.

You will be led to a new area with a series of broken paths that you can form using the mask. You can create new walkways wherever you see a jittery sections of wall or floor. Continue along the walkways, forming new ground as needed, until you eventually go through a door on the outside of the Tower that leads to a large room with crumbling walls.

Keep going up the stairs and through the doors until you reach a colorful door that leads to what appears to be the core of the tower. A bright light will shine and you will put on the mask, signaling your Ascension.

From this point, the path ahead will become somewhat confusing, as it’s not clear where you are supposed to go. As you walk along the outside of the wall, the ground beneath you will continue to form, but doesn’t seem to lead anywhere at first. If you get stuck, press and hold Triangle to clear the ground in front of you.

Keep circling around the wall until you see a bright light burst from one of the broken sections. On the opposite side of the gap, there will be a small platform that will connect to the ground you are standing on. Walk toward the platform and continue along the path away from the core until you transform into one of the guardians.

The rest of this section is rather straightforward. Keep walking along the path ahead until you reach the room full of guardians. At this point, you are able to choose your fate. There are different trophies available for each choice.

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