Are You Disconnected? 


Valorant has officially launched, meaning players from around the world can currently enjoy everything the full version of Riot Games' tactical character-based first-person shooter has to offer. Unfortunately, there have been issues players have been running into following the official launch of the title. One of these issues has been when players have encountered a connection error. Players are searching for a fix to the issue behind this problem that is preventing them from playing. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about a fix if you have encountered a Valorant connection error below. 

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Connection Error Fix

Now, there is a couple of steps that you can take if you have encountered a connection error when playing Riot Games' first-person shooter. One of these is to restart the client for the game and try to play again. If restarting the client does not work, see if your firewall is blocking access to the game or the Vanguard anti-cheat. Make sure both of these are granted access if your firewall is blocking access to them.

You can also uninstall the Vanguard anti-cheat program and then launch Valorant. This will cause you to a fresh install of the Vanguard anti-cheat. Install it once again and restart your game if you have encountered a connection error when trying to play, and the steps above do not help fix your game. 

Valorant Has Encountered a Connection Error Fix

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There is no doubt that players who get this problem are frustrated, but Riot Games is undoubtedly working to make sure that this problem does not affect too many people and that a fix can be applied quickly for those who are experiencing it. 

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This fix should have you overcoming Valorant if it has encountered a connection error without too much trouble and will get you back to playing. Let us know how it works for you over on Facebook and Twitter!