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Valorant Error Code 51 and How to Fix It

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant has captivated the video game community following the launch of its closed beta, as the tactical first-person shooter from Riot Games has become one of 2020’s biggest titles.

Unfortunately, there has been an array of error code problems that players have run into, which have caused them issues when it comes to playing the game. One of these error code issues is known as 51 and has been providing frustration for members fo the community who have run into it when they are playing.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to fix Valorant error code 51 covered for you.

Valorant Error Code 51

Now, each of these errors for the first-person shooter deals with various problems the game may experience for one of its features when it is running. Valorant error code 51 is when your game is running into a problem when it is trying to create a party with other players to play with them in matches.

According to the official Riot Games support page, players should restart their Riot Games client to remedy this issue with the game’s party system that they are running into when they are trying to play. 

 Valorant Error Code 51

Luckily, the fix for error code 51 is not a long or complex one, so players who restart their Riot Games client should be able to jump right back in the tactical shooter and be able to use the party system to play with their friends without any further issues.

Riot Games has not officially revealed any other fixes for this problem, so restarting their Riot Games client is the only method that you can take to fix error code 51 if it appears when you are trying to form a party. 

Some of the other errors that players have run into during the closed beta have been 43 and 29. Do not worry if you run into error code 51 or any of these other ones in Valorant. There are plenty of other players who are experiencing the same thing, and there will no doubt be many more who run into these errors when they play.

This is expected from a closed beta where Riot Games is running into issues arising from such a massive influx of players playing and being on the game’s servers with more and more players and regions getting access to the closed beta. Fortunately, Riot Games has a plethora of fixes for the likes of error code 51 for Valorant to make sure that players can quickly fix the problem and get back to fragging and playing with their friends. 

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This solution should allow players to fix error code 51 when they are playing Valorant without oo much hassle. Let us know how it works over on Twitter and Facebook

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