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Millions of players have jumped into the closed beta of Valorant following its launch. This testing period for the new tactical first-person shooter has seen plenty of success during its early life. However, there have been some issues that members fo the community have encountered. These have caused headaches for those trying to frag out and climb the rankings. One of these frustrating issues is error code 31. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about Valorant error code 31 covered for you.

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What Is Error Code 31?

Players who run into error code 31 will see that Riot Games officially describes this problem as the title failing to get player name information. This player name information is likely associated with your Riot Id and tagline that players are identified by when they are playing the game and is used by players to add friends and invite them to a party. Now, there is not any complicated fix to getting pass error code 31 when you encounter it. 

 Valorant Error Code 31

How To Fix It?

Riot Games recommends in its official solution for this problem for players to restart the Riot Games client. Once you have restarted the Riot Games client, it should get your player name information properly and allow you to play the first-person shooter without you running into Valorant error code 31 when booting up the popular game. 

Members of the community have run into a variety of errors during the closed beta, which is not strange for any game in closed beta. Some of these errors that players have and may run into when playing in the future are 46, 51, 29, and 43. With this in mind, players should not worry if they run into any of these errors. The solutions for them are daily easy to implement and should have you back to playing in no time at all. 

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There is no doubt that error code 31 can cause plenty of frustration when you are trying to play Valorant. Fortunately, the solution is not a complex one and can be done quickly. Let us know how tackling this issue goes for you over on Twitter and Facebook