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Valorant Cryostasis Bundle: Weapons, Price, and Release Date

A chilly weapon for some chilly weather.

by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Cryostasis Bundle

There are a few constants when it comes to Valorant. There’s the constant stream of new characters and maps to help freshen the game up, there are new strategies created almost every day, and there are even teammates who refuse to listen to voice chat, because of course they do. One other constant is a new lineup of skins every few weeks, and we’re coming up on the last lineup before Christmas. Don’t worry, as Riot has something festive planned. Here’s everything you need to know about the Cryostasis bundle in Valorant!

What is the Cryostasis Bundle in Valorant?

Compared to how the recent Soulstrife bundle haunted us immediately after Halloween ended, for some reason, Cryostasis is right on time. This winter-themed bundle features ice covering each of the weapons, though a particular twist comes into play. Whenever not firing a Cryostasis weapon, it will grow ice onto itself. Though once fired, the weapon will have its ice shatter and reveal its standard form once again. This makes it one of the first of its kind to go back and forth between states and should make for a nice evolving weapon.

What Weapons Will Be in the Bundle?

As you might be able to tell from the image, the bundle features five weapon skins similar to other bundles for the game. These skins are for the Operator, Bulldog, Vandal, Classic, and melee. The melee this time around builds on the new hammer melee type that’s been cropping up recently, though sadly still won’t let you bonk your opponents. Otherwise, a lot of popular weapons have made it in.

What Will the Bundle Price Be?

While Riot has yet to reveal the exact price for the bundle, judging by previous bundles, you can expect each weapon to cost 1775 VP, with the melee of course being double that. This would bring the Cryostasis bundle to 7100 VP, offering some discounts over buying each weapon individually.

When Will the Cryostasis Bundle Release?

As per an official tweet from the Valorant Twitter account, the Cryostasis bundle will enter the shop on December 14.

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