Riot Games' tactical character-based first-person shooter known as Valorant is now officially available for players across the world to download and experience. Players were able to battle it out on three of the game's maps during the closed beta for the title. However, a fourth map called Ascent was added to the list of maps for the first-person shooter when it launched. Now, the community has four different maps with specific callouts available for them to enjoy. Fortunately, we have all of the callouts for the map of Ascent covered for you so that you know exactly where an area is when a teammate calls it out in a match. 

Valorant Ascent Map Callouts

Players will find that the callouts of Ascent focus around two spike sites where the attackers must plant a spike each round if they want to win without killing all of the defenders. This particular map only has two spike sites joining the other two maps in the game to have two spike sites with one having a total of three. 

The callouts for Ascent refer to the area where they are located, which means a giant window near the A site will be called A window. The courtyard in the middle of the map is known as mid courtyard, while the large lobby near the B site is called B Lobby. The structuring of how the callous for Ascent is named allows players to quickly and accurately communicate with their teammates and let them know precisely where on the map the enemy players are during a round.

You can find all of the callouts for the Valorant map of Ascent in the image below courtesy of

Valorant Ascent Map Callouts

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Players who can learn the callouts for Ascent will be able to communicate much more effectively with their teammates than players who do not take the time to learn what the community calls the different areas of this particular map. 

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