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Valkyria Revolution – How to Make Money Fast

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to be able to update your party’s gear and weapons, and take on the never-ending armies of the Ruzi Empire, then you’re going to need to know how to make bank. To help you out we’ve put together this really helpful article that will show you how to make money fast in Valkyria Revolution. Below you’ll find really helpful pointers that should assist you in getting your wallet stuffed full of KR.

How to Make Money Fast

Making money in Valkyria Revolution is a bit tougher than it is in other role-playing games of the sort, and if you want to become vastly rich and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, then you’re going to need to be willing to embrace the grind involved.

The first great way to make money in Valkyria Revolution is to complete Free Missions, which unlock after the completion of the game’s opening missions. Once you unlock these missions, start completing them over and over again to increase the experience and skill level of all those in your party. You’ll also acquire some money for completing each mission, which makes them more than worthwhile.

Another great way to make money is to find Supply Caches hidden throughout the various battles that you undertake. You can often find useful items in these Supply Caches, as well as some KR, which will help fatten up your wallet really quickly.

The most helpful way to make money, though, is to sell everything you don’t need. It can be tempting to horde your unneeded weapons and gear, but if you travel down to the Promenade and visit the Workshop, you can load off any unneeded materials and gear for that sweet, sweet KR. This is something you should absolutely be doing after every mission, especially if you’re coming back with quite a few Spoils in your party’s inventory. Visit the Workshop, sell any unneeded gear, and enjoy the profits of war.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any better ways to make money in Valkyria Revolution, so you’ll need to get used to parting with old gear. But, if you take the information we’ve included above, and start completing Free Missions, looting Supply Caches, and then selling any additional gear you find, it shouldn’t take you too long to build up a nice supply of KR in your wallet. Then you can find out how to upgrade your gear, as well as take a look at our helpful combat tips to learn more about the game’s vast combat system.

Be sure to head back over to our Valkyria Revolution guide for even more information about the game, and we’ll be sure to update it with even more helpful guides soon.