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Valkyria Revolution – How to Get New Gear and Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

Gear and weapons are important pieces of the combat system in Valkyria Revolution, and players will want to make sure their party is always up to date with the latest anti-Valkyria gear. In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to purchase new gear and weapons in Valkyria Revolution, as well as offer some pointers on when you should start doing so.

Where to Get New Gear

There are quite a few ways for players to get new gear and weapons in Valkyria Revolution. The easiest way is to simply purchase it from the Workshop in the Promenade, which is located in Jutland. This area can be easily visited between missions, and the Workshop is a great place to acquire new gear.

From the Workshop players can purchase gear that is already crafted, or they can actually input the ingredients needed to make custom gear. Keep in mind, though, custom gear does require additional time to craft, so you’ll need to complete missions to pass the time. Visit the Workshop for a wide array of items like jackets, gloves, and even new boots.

If you want weapons and secondary weapons, you’ll need to head to Basil’s Factory on the Jump List. Here you can talk to Basil himself, and order new weapons like guns and grenades. You can also do R&D on items, which will allow you to unlock even more helpful anti-Valkyria weapons. Just keep in mind that these things will cost you money, so you should definitely take a look at our guide on how to make money fast in Valkyria Revolution.

When to Purchase New Gear

When should you purchase new gear, though? That’s an important question that we’ll answer next. See, gear and weapons are an important aspect of the game, and without the right gear, you’re going to find yourself struggling to take down enemies in Valkyria Revolution. So, to answer that question, you should start purchasing new gear as quickly as possible.

We understand that it may take you a little time to build up the funds needed to start purchasing large amounts of gear right away, but start that grind and begin scooping up near gear as quickly as you can, it’s going to make a huge difference as you progress through the story.

Now that you know where to buy new armor and weapons from, be sure to head to town and visit the Workshop, or take a trip out to Basil’s Factory. Both places should be visited regularly to see what new items you’ve unlocked, and make sure you start purchasing new and improved stuff as early as you can. Now, you can return to our Valkyria Revolution guide for even more helpful articles, or head on over to our combat tips for more help in combat situations.