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Valheim | Where To Find Flint

by Morgan Shaver

As you’re crafting and constructing things in Valheim, you’ll eventually stumble across something that requires Flint to make.

Of the things that require Flint, perhaps one of the most important is the Chopping Block which is used to upgrade your Workbench.

The Chopping Block requires 10 Flint in order to make. Wondering where to go in order to gather this key resource? Here’s an overview of where you can find Flint in Valheim! 

Valheim | Where To Find Flint 

If you’re searching for Flint in Valheim, there’s one place you’ll always find it… by water and pond areas. While Valheim is procedurally generated — meaning your map will be different from our map and your friend’s map — it’ll have the same basic areas for you to explore.

You’ll have forests with trees to chop down, grassy plains, and coastal regions with pond areas that you can wade out into in order to collect Stone as well as Flint. If you’re looking for Flint, you’re going to want to stick to these coastal/pond areas.

As you walk along this coastal area, look down and you should see small grey oval rocks. When your mouse cursor passes over this resource, it’ll reveal itself to be Flint. Note that Flint is different from Stone with Stone appearing as dark grey, circular rocks. 

Be careful as you’re looking down as there can sometimes be cliff areas near the coast that you can fall off and take damage from, and try to not swim out too far in order to collect Flint. It’ll usually be within range or a little ways out into the water. 

Additionally, keep an eye out for enemies as you may encounter Greylings coming out of the forest looking to give you trouble or Necks near the water. We recommend crafting a Club to carry around in case any of these critters comes and pesters you while you’re gathering Flint. 

As with most resources, Flint will respawn so even if you collect all of the Flint along a particular coastal region, you should be able to go back a few in-game days later (typically one to two days) and collect more Flint. 

If you’re wondering what Flint is used for, one of the first things you’ll make with it will likely be a Chopping Block, which is the first upgrade item for your Workbench. The Chopping Block will cost you 10 Wood and 10 Flint to make. 

You’ll also need Flint to craft the next Workbench upgrade after that, the Tanning Rack, which costs 15 Flint (along with 10 Wood, 20 Leather Scraps, and 5 Deer Hide). If you’re looking to craft more efficient arrows for hunting or fighting bosses, you can make a batch of 20 Flinthead Arrows for 2 Flint, 8 Wood, and 2 Feathers. 

As far as improved tools go, you can make a Flint Axe (4 Wood, 6 Flint) or a Flint Knife (2 Wood, 4 Flint, 2 Leather Scraps). With all this in mind, being able to gather Flint is essential. To recap, Flint can be collected near coastal and pond areas and appears as a small, light grey, oval-shaped rock.

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