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Valheim Boss Order

by Jesse Vitelli

Valheim is a new Early Access survival game that is taking Twitch by storm. It’s a little different from other survival games like Rust or Day Z. There is a list of bosses you need to take down to get specific loot. Here is the boss order in Valheim. 

Valheim Boss Order

The first boss you’ll face in Valheim is Eikthyr, the mystical stag with electric antlers. You’ll need to find a small glowing rock near the Eikthyr Sacrificial Stone, which allows you to summon the boss fight. The glowing rock can be found if you go left from where you spawn.

After that fight, you’ll need to fight The Elder, which has a few steps required before you can fight it. You’ll need to take three ancient seeds to the sacrificial altar in the Black Forest. Once you burn these seeds, it will cause The Elder to spawn.

The third boss fight of the game is the Bonemass. It’s a giant sludge monster that can be summoned in the Swamp biome. You’ll need to collect ten wither bones and bring them to the skull altar to summon the Bonemass. 

Finally, the fourth and last boss currently in Valheim is the Moder. It’s a large black dragon that flies around and breathes fire at you. In order to summon Moder, you’ll need to bring three dragon eggs to the sacrificial altar in the mountain biome. Once that is done, the altar will glow, and Moder will be summoned to fight.

Those are the four bosses currently in the game, but since Valheim is in early access, there will be plenty more fights to come in the future. If you still need help, be sure to let us know on the official prima Games Twitter and Facebook pages.