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Using Grab Attacks in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

by Prima Games Staff

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is making a comeback, as both the original game and its sequel will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. There are many great characters and techniques to master, but grabbing is a highly effective way to take out enemies. Here are the three grab techniques to keep in mind while playing the game.

Using Grabs in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

First up, when grabbing an enemy, make sure you’re within range. This is vital in order to successfully do your grab techniques, because if you’re out of said range, you’re going to be left wide open for a counter-attack. Wait until you’re close, then grab them.

Using the Shove Attack in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

The first grab attack is the Heavy Attack. This enables you to create a shove technique. This is good if you’re dealing with multiple enemies at a time, as you can pretty much clear the way and then get back to generally attacking enemies. It’s also much quicker to do than picking up and throwing, so if you need to clear some space, go for it.

Hitting Quickly in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Next up, you can simply grab an enemy and strike them multiple times. This is a great way to dispatch of singular enemies that you run across in a stage, like stragglers that come running up to you. However, we advise that you don’t use this technique if you’re surrounded, as you’re likely to be hit by other enemies. In that case, the best thing you can do is…

Throwing Enemies in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

This is probably the most effective grab move in the game, as you’ll be able to lift foes over your head and hurl them. This is an excellent way to take care of other enemies, as you can lob them into each other and do some real damage. You can use the other attacks as well, but this is highly effective if you’re trying to clear out smaller thugs so you can focus on the much more dangerous ones. This move is even better if you have larger characters, like Hulk or Juggernaut, as they’ll pick them up with ease and hurl them like Frisbees.

Good luck, and go get your superhero on!

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