Unturned: Medicals ID List and Give Command Guide

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It’s hard not to get yourself hurt while you’re in the run in Unturned, especially if you’re on a harder custom map where enemies jump at you from every corner. To deal with that, you might want to get yourself some medical items to spawn for you, so here’s a complete list of their IDs in Unturned for your enjoyment.

All Unturned Medical Items ID List

Use console commands to pick the most appropriate items whenever the moment comes. If you’re looking for a specific item, use Control+F to make your search easier.

Item NameID Number
Purification Tablets392
Cough Syrup404
Canyon Arena Taco28007

Despite being exclusive to the Canyon Arena map, you can freely spawn Tacos in other maps with commands.

How to Use Unturned Codes and Give Commands

To use the codes, you only need to hit T on your keyboard, then type the desired command line and press Enter. Commands follow the “/give [Player Name] [Item ID] [Quantity]”. To give yourself a Cough Syrup, for example, you must type “/give [Your own in-game name] 404 1” to get a single Syrup for your ailments.

You can freely use codes whenever they’re enabled on a map, but they’re usually turned off in Multiplayer by default, and using them will lock you out from obtaining achievements. So be warned of what you’re doing beforehand, or at least have a way to revert it later.

Now that you don’t need to worry about surviving in these special maps, your next step might be to get some good firepower to deal with those zombies and other imminent threats in Unturned.

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