If you've been cracking into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare then you've probably been trying to get your hands on some of the cool weapons that they have in store. Luckily, earning these weapons is pretty simple in the sense that you're probably just going to have to mow down some hapless individuals in multiplayer to get them. Check out our Union Black Assault Rifle Modern Warfare guide to figure out what you'll have to do to get your mitts on this bad boy.

Union Black Assault Rifle Modern Warfare Guide: Getting This Weapon

Much like getting the Steel Curtain assault rifle, you're going to have to churn through a whole lot of infiltration-based achievements to get there. The name of the challenge that you have to complete is called Infiltrator, unsurprisingly, and the in-game tagline is "Through a variety of infiltration-based challenges, display your prowess as a special ops tactician."

The challenges that you have to complete while you're showing off how good you are at stealth are listed below, along with the rewards that you'll be able to get along the way:

  • Infiltrate and finish 3 Public Matches - 1000 EXP, Green Team calling card
  • Capture 30 flags in Domination - 2000 EXP, Medieval spray
  • Get 10 finishing moves or cinematic executions via melee - 3000 EXP, Blade of Valor charm
  • Get 5- kills with the Ghost perk - 4000 EXP, Skull and blade emblem
  • Capture 15 flags in Ground War - 5000 EXP, Base Jumper spray
  • Get 60 kills with suppressed weapons - 7000 EXP, Shhh.... Calling card
  • Capture 20 HQs in Headquarters mode - 8000 EXP, Union Black assault rifle

Once you've handed in the objectives above, you'll see that the last crowning achievement of capturing 20 headquarters (frankly, quite impressive) will result in you picking up the Union Black Assault Rifle Modern Warfare weapon. Now that you know exactly what you need to do to get it, we suspect that you'll be able to check items off your list pretty quickly. Need a hand with anything else in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? We've got some other guides handy for you: