Underground Treasure Hunt Event Guide & Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

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Underground Treasure Hunt in Honkai: Star Rail
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It’s all about diving deeper when it comes to Honkai: Star Rail’s new event Underground Treasure Hunt. Will you be able to make it all the way to the bottom?

Underground Treasure Hunt Guide Event in Honkai: Star Rail

There are Five Ruins that will unlock over the course of the event with two types of levels: the Surface Exploration and the Deep Exploration. The difference between these two is that in order to unlock Deep Exploration, you need to complete the Surface Exploration, but you will keep your buffs going into Deep Exploration. You will also not regenerate Stamina whenever you descend levels in Deep Exploration.

With each Ruin, you’ll have a choice of using two Trial Characters and there will be Ruin Stats that can be leveled up based on what you find in the Treasure Hunt. Adhering to these bonuses will see you to success and land you a better position for Deep Exploration. Each Ruin Level will also depict which Enemies you’re likely to come across in the Hunt. 

Once in the Underground, Players will travel across the Board by unlocking Tiles, each time you choose a space, you expend Stamina. Watch your Gauge above the board to make sure you won’t run out. On these tiles, you will run into Health Packs, Stamina Packs, Monsters, and Items that will help you out in and out of battle. 

Special Rewards you can get are Ancient Relics that will help you in battle. You can also find Characters on the Board, but you must travel to that Tile to unlock them. 

You can also come across Bombs which will instantly defeat Enemies for you by clicking the Bomb in the lefthand corner of the board, then selecting the Enemy on the map. Certain Enemies cannot be defeated this way as indicated by the Red Flag on their Monster Icon. This is often because in order to clear that level, you need to defeat that Boss Enemy.

In later Ruin Levels, you’ll come across different types of Enemies as well, those that if left too long on the field, will begin to deteriorate your Stamina or Summon more Enemies to the Board that have the potential to lock areas once Spawned. However, the Summoning Enemies do not have a Lockdown AOE themselves.

Ruin 1 Guide

Trial Characters: Kafka, Luka

Inherited Ruin Stats: Damage Boost, Damage of Time Boost, Damage Reduction

Boss Enemies: Automaton Grizzly, Automaton Direwolf

Possible Enemy Encounters: Automaton Spider, Automaton Beetle, Automaton Hound

Your best team options to bring to this fight are Physical, Lightning, Ice, Wind, and Fire. Your Companion Pick-Ups you can retrieve in the Ruins are Sampo, Bronya, Serval, Hook, and Pela. You can either bring your own or use the Trial characters which are all at level 75, have reasonably leveled Traces, and have their Standard Relic Set that works best with them. 

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The most important part to remember about this challenge is the DoT (Damage over Time) so Kafka, Luka, Clara, Sampo, Serval, Hook, and Pela are highly recommended. Be sure to bring a Healer along, since once your Stamina runs out, you will begin losing Health with each Tile you uncover. 

Ruin 2 Guide

Trial Characters: Silver Wolf, Sushang

Inherited Ruin Stats: Damage Boost, Break Effect Boost, Damage Reduction

Boss Enemies: Ice Out of Space, Blaze Out of Space

Possible Enemy Encounters: Frostspawn, Flamespawn, Mask of No Thought, Everwinter Shadewalker, Voidrangers, Imaginary Weaver

Characters that you have the chance to add to your party in Ruin 2 remain as Sampo, Pela, Bronya, and Gepard with a special appearance from Seele. It’s highly recommended to use Silver Wolf since she can add additional Weakness to enemies which will help stave off who you need to add to your team. Aside from Quantum, bring along characters who have good Break Effect for Fire, Ice, and Wind. 

Sushang is also a great build to bring along and her Physical Damage can go a long ways. Other characters you should consider bringing are Luka, Dan Heng, Hook, Qingque, Herta, and if you have them, Himeko, Clara, or Luocha. A Healer or Shield is necessary for the Deep Exploration since the enemies will hit a lot harder once you reach that Boss.

Ruin 3 Guide

Trial Characters: Jing Yuan, Tingyun

Inherited Ruin Stats: Damage Boost, Follow-Up Attack Damage Increases, Damage Reduction

Boss Enemies: Frigid Prowler, Searing Prowler

Possible Enemy Encounters: Vagrants, Automatons, Imaginary Weaver, Incineration Shadewalker, Decaying Shadow

The best type of party to bring into this domain are characters that do follow-up damage so while the trial offers Jing Yuan, other good characters to include are Serval, Herta, Himeko, and Clara. Adding in a good Preservation or Abundance Character is a must in the Deep Exploration to combat the possibility of losing Stamina. Choosing a certain Element is tricky in this domain since you’ll come across many enemies that are weak to just about everything so in the first run of the Ruins, it’s best to bring a wide array of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Allies you can recruit in the Ruins are Hook, Natasha, and Serval.

The Deep Exploration has more enemies which are Silvermane Guards, Automatons, Grizzly, and Direwolf, and the Allies you can recruit there will be Sampo, Bronya, and Clara. While in Deep Exploration, you’ll want to focus more on Physical and Ice to counter the Silvermane Guards, but your Boss Enemies will still be the same so keep that in mind when choosing your team.

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Ruin 4 Guide

Trial Characters: Luocha, Blade

Inherited Ruin Stats: Damage Boost, Basic Attack Damage Increases, Damage Reduction

Boss Enemies: Guardian Shadow, Decaying Shadow

Possible Enemy Encounters: Shadewalkers, Spawns, Silvermane Guards

For a domain that is centered on Basic Attack Damage boosts, you don’t get a lot of characters along the way who will help you with this. Pela and Sampo are probably the best considering they are Nihility and can debuff enemies with lowered defense and Wind Sheer. But your best characters to bring into the domain who are going to benefit from these effects are those who actually have enhanced Basic Attacks.

Luka, Hook, Clara, and Qinque are characters who have enhanced Basic Attacks and thus can benefit from the buffs that are in this domain. Since you’re going to be battling Trotters most of the time, Elements don’t matter as much since you’ll be dealing with the Trotters running away or the Path Buffs that are equipped onto Trotters. Path Buffs include Abundance and Destruction which will either heal your enemies or damage your party so it’s best to get rid of the Trotter first.

Ruin 5 Guide

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Trial Characters: Kafka, Asta

Inherited Ruin Stats: Damage Boost, DoT Boost, Damage Reduction

Boss Enemies: Svarog

Possible Enemy Encounters: Automatons, Trotters, Decaying Shadow, Vagrants, Shadewalkers

The last ruin returns to Damage over Time Bonus, so a lot of the characters that you used in the first run of the ruins are going to make a return here. Kafka, Sampo, and Luka are really good for this run, especially since you’ll be running into Savarog at the end of both runs. Lightning, Wind, and Fire are the elements you’re going to want to bring along as well as a good DPS for Physical and Ice since there are enemies along the way that may give you more trouble than you’re ready for. Luckily, along the way, you can expect to recruit Sampo, Pela, and Clara. 

Take heed that when you enter the Deep Exploration for Ruin 5 you won’t have to deal with six levels, but 10. This can make it difficult to not only keep up on Stamina but it will take a toll if you’re not able to gain enough buffs for the later bosses. In this run, you’ll fight an Automaton Direwolf and Grizzly just before Svarog and that’s already a tense fight on its own. Luckily, this Svarog will only have one phase. Along this run, you can come across Serval, Sampo, and Bronya so the elements that you used in the first exploration of Ruin 5 will work perfectly well here.

Rewards from the Underground Treasure Hunt Event in Honkai: Star Rail

  • 1000 Stellar Jades
  • 60x Traveler’s Guides
  • 18 Obsidian of Obsession (Nihility Trace Materials)
  • 69 Obsidian of Desolation (Nihility Trace Materials)
  • 200 Relic Remains
  • 600,000 Credits
  • 1 Tracks of Destiny
  • 1 Self-Modeling Resin
  • “Where’s the Rabbit?” Chatbox Modifier

Honkai: Star Rail is available on mobile and PC for download at the Apple Store, Google Play Store and can be downloaded at their official website.

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