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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – How to Get the Your Prize Trophy

by Josh Hawkins

Like the previous games in the series, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy contains a plethora of items and collectibles for players to find and obtain. On top of that, there are also quite a few hidden secrets and trophies that players can find as well. To help you find all these secrets, we’ll take a look at Chapter 4 of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, where we’ll show you how to unlock the Your Prize trophy, which you can only get by appreciating the view at the top of the Hoysala Empire.

How to UnlockThe Your Prize Trophy

This trophy can only be unlocked by playing through Chapter 4: The Western Ghats. Once you start the chapter up, to obtain the Your Prize trophy, go ahead and open your map, locate the very venter, and then look out for a tower there in the center of the area. It’s pretty hard to miss the tower, and once you find it, go ahead and make your way over to it.

Once you arrive at the tower, go ahead and start the climb up along the wall outside. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the way up to the top. After you reach the top, take a few moments to enjoy the view and listen to Chloe as she talks. Continue listening all the way to the end of the dialogue—even beyond the point where she mentions heading down the tower. The trick to earning the Your Prize trophy is to just sit there, appreciating the view.

After you’ve appreciated the view for a few moments, the trophy should pop up, rewarding you for your patience and your love for beautiful vistas. At this point, you can head down the tower, or if you want to make things a bit quicker, make your way inside the tower, where you will find a lift that can take you back down. This lift can also be used to ride back up to the top of the tower—should you want to return and appreciate the vista some more.

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