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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s single player campaign is one of the best in the series, and we’ve compiled a quick guide to provide you with some handy tips that will help you get through the campaign in one piece. Hold on tight!

Getting Around in Uncharted 4

Loading into Uncharted 4 for the first time and observing the sheer scope of the game can be a lot to take in. It can be extremely easy to miss a crucial component needed to advance in a level, like a bar to latch your rope onto. The trick is to relax and not stress too much over the little things. This is because when you restart (if you accidentally die), you’ll find yourself right back where you left off. Thus giving you the ability to try things over again and learn from your previous mistakes rather than winding up all the way back at the beginning of a level.

If you find yourself unable to advance, you should stop and take a moment to investigate for things like a post you can swing from with a rope, or bricks and ledges in a wall that you can grab onto.

Even if you get stuck and end up trying too often in Uncharted 4’s campaign, stand still for a few moments and the game will prompt you in the right direction, or Nathan may say something to give you a hint on what you need to do to get yourself moving again. This guide will even kick in with certain puzzles in case you can’t figure out the solution (like the one with the numeral rocks in the second stage).

Using Your Rope in Uncharted 4

First, to get the most out of swinging across chasms with your rope in Uncharted 4, remember that momentum is on your side. When you initiate your swing, you’ll usually have enough strength to get to the necessary ledge or platform within one shot. However, you can also use the analog stick to swing back and forth to gain even more momentum, providing added assurance that you won’t miss and plummet to the ground.

There’s also the possibility that Nathan will bump into a wall directly behind him, which will throw off his momentum. Don’t worry if this happens, just keep pushing forward in the midst of your swing and you will gain enough speed to reach the other side with ease.

Second, if you need to change direction, use the analog stick again. By moving left or right, then pushing back and forth to maximize your swing, you will be able to change your direction and get where you need to go. Sometimes, the path isn’t always forward – and you can miss a treasure or two in the process. Keep practicing and swinging will eventually become second nature in Uncharted 4!

Fighting in Uncharted 4

There will be times when your gun isn’t available to help you tackle enemies and you’ll be required to fight things out with your fists. In this scenario, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

First, you can take your enemies on with combos and usually get two or three good punches in. However, most of the time they’ll counter and grab you in some kind of hold. Tap the triangle button to evade their grabs, and follow up with another punch to bring them down. The prison sequence at the beginning of Uncharted 4 does a fantastic job introducing you to these particular mechanics, which you’ll use throughout the game.

Second, don’t forget to roll! Sometimes it’s best to avoid a punch rather than taking it, as your health will drop with each subsequent hit you take. Roll out of the way, and then reposition yourself so that you can quickly strike an opponent from behind. This tactic will prove extremely useful, especially against tougher opponents.

Finally, try to use items in the environment to your advantage. For instance, slamming an opponent’s head into a wall does greater damage than a punch, so try to get them to hold you up against a wall to quickly turn the tides. Slamming their heads into a wall will make them dizzy enough to land that last crucial blow much easier.

Driving in Uncharted 4


Lastly, when it comes to driving there are times you will find yourself getting lost along the way. Similar to on-foot segments you will receive a prompt in a short amount of time to point you in the right direction. However, during chases and other tense segments in Uncharted 4, you may need a bit more than just a hint.

In this case, the best thing you can do is look on the ground for tire tracks. For the most part, these will indicate the direction you need to go. It also helps to keep moving if you have enemies in pursuit, as hanging around waiting for a directional hint is a great way to get yourself killed.

With these single player tips for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, you’ll become an adventurer in no time flat. Good luck, and don’t forget the treasures!

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