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Tyranny – Making A Stand

by Prima Games Staff

With the Steadfast Insignia in hand, it’s time to make your way back to Sentinel Stand and confront the Regent, StraydusHerodin, and end the Edict of Storms once and for all. In this article we’ll walk you through the entire quest and help you bring the Regent’s bloodline to an end in Tyranny’s quest, Making a Stand.

Fight to the Inner Keep

After speaking to Graven Ashe and restoring your party’s health by resting and buying more supplies, it is time to travel back to Sentinel Stand. Move to the nearest World Map icon, then travel to the Stalwart location to be thrust into a battle. Grab the container just in front of you, then head to the right to find an enemy bleeding out on the ground. Let them die, and then continue a little further to meet two Unbroken soldiers.

Take out the Unbroken soldiers and move up the ramp inside the large rib-like structure. Keep moving forward until a short cutscene triggers. Your Disfavored allies will run up towards the keep and raise the drawbridge, cutting off your movement until you clear out a group of enemy forces in front of you. Take down the enemies, and make sure to heal any wounds your characters might have. You’re in for a long fight during this quest, so make sure you are well prepared before continuing.

With the enemies cleared out you can now continue forward, towards the keep. You can also climb down the Cliffside and head east to find additional Unbroken forces and a container with some good loot in it. Once you have looted the area, head back to the main entrance and continue over the drawbridge, which is now lowered.

Chat with the Disfavored scout here and show her the Stalwart Relic. The storm is just ahead, so continue up and use the Steadfast Insignia to open a way through. Head into the next area to approach the Sentinel Stand keep. Move forward in the new area to run into a group of three enemies. Take them down, grab any loot they drop, and pillage the container in the small alcove ahead. Follow the path around to reach the main gate.

If you continue up to the main gate you can talk to Regent StraydusHerodin. You can try to convince him to give up, and end his own life to bring the Edict to a halt, but he won’t agree to do it. Once the Regent retreats back into the keep, take down the soldiers guarding the gate. With your enemy disposed of, you have two ways to enter the keep. You can either continue left and use the wench to raise the gate. It requires a high skill check in Subterfuge. Or you can head back to the right and spot a rope that you can climb up depending on your Athletics skill.

Pursue Straydus Herodin

Now that the Regent has retreated further into the keep, it is time to hop over the wall and pursue him. Using one of the methods above, gain access to the Inner Keep and head towards the stairs in the back. There are several enemies between you and the Regent, so make sure you are probably healed and ready to face them. Several Disfavored soldiers will also join the fight, blowing a hole in the wall near the rope we mentioned above.

Once the enemies outside the keep are taken care of, continue up the steps and into Sentinel Stand’s Inner Keep. Once inside, watch as Dimitris, a Disfavored Commander, confronts the Regent. It seems the two have some history. Let the conversation play out, butting in where you feel like it, and then take the Regent and his allies down. After you hurt him enough, and clear out the other Stalwart soldiers, more dialogue will play out, and Amelia will reveal herself.

Decide to kill the Regent, and then, once the deed is done, your quest will update.

End the Edict of Storms

It appears things have become much more precarious than we could have imagined. During her imprisonment, Amelia has fallen in love, and even had a baby, thus continuing the Regent’s bloodline. You now have to make a very dangerous choice. Do you obey Kyros and kill the baby, thus cutting the Regent’s bloodline off, and ending the Edict of Storms? Or do you find another way to end the Edict of Storms.

For the purpose of this playthrough we decided to continue with our original quest to end the Edict of Storms, and nullify the Regent’s bloodline. This means you’ll need to fight Amelia, to gain access to the young babe, and then decide how you wish to take care of the baby.

Once you have finished the quest, and the Edict of Storms has come to an end, it is time to return to Iron Hearth and let Graven Ashe know the sad news. He won’t be happy with you, but that is the price you pay for remaining loyal to Kyros.

Continue on to the next part of our walkthrough, or return to our Tyranny guide for more tips, tricks, and detailed walkthroughs of each quest in Tyranny.

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