Two Point Campus Controls Guide

The controls for Two Point Campus.

While spending time on campus, you’ll need to learn how to navigate, build, and more at Two Point Campus. This comes with playing, but if you’re looking for some shortcuts and other controls, we have them here for you. Here are the controls for Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus Controls Guide

When playing Two Point Campus, you’ll want to make sure you know what every button does and how to use them to your benefit, not only for speed but also for efficiency. Two Point Campus is a game about mastering and learning to micromanage everything. The more time spent fiddling with controls, the more time there is for things to go awry.

Listed below, you can find all of the controls for the game. You can also check and rebind your keys in the settings menu.

Camera Controls

  • Rotate clockwise: Q
  • Rotate Anticlockwise: E
  • Rotate Anticlockwise Alt: Left Arrow
  • Rotate Clockwise Alt: Right Arrow
  • Pitch Up: R
  • Pitch Down: F
  • Zoom Out: Down Arrow
  • Pitch In: Up Arrow
  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Backward: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D

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Cursor Controls

  • Cancel: Backspace
  • Subtract Mode: Left Ctrl
  • Subtract mode Alt: Right Ctrl
  • Delete Item: Delete
  • Cycle Placement Mode: Tab

HUD Controls

  • Quick Save: F6
  • Quick Load: F7
  • Copy Item: Left Ctrl
  • Copy Item Alt: Right Ctrl

Time Controls

  • Pause Time: Space
  • Pause Time Alt: Pause
  • Increase Speed: Numpad Plus
  • Increase Speed Alt: Right bracket
  • Decrease Speed: Numpad Minus

Well, those are all the controls you’ll need to master Two Point Campus and all the hurdles you’ll have to overcome. You’ll encounter many other obstacles and challenges throughout the game. Like how to increase attractiveness or even a full research guide.

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