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Two Massive Xbox Series X Reveal Events Rumored to be Coming Soon

by Liana Ruppert

With the continued spread of COVID-19 all of our beloved gaming events have been canceled but that hasn’t slowed down the fact that the next generation of gaming is upon us. According to a recent leak, Microsoft has big plans on the horizon with two rumored Xbox Series X reveal events coming soon. 

Fans of the Microsoft brand received their first look at the Xbox Series X during The Game Awards last year and since the event, Microsoft has shared even more incredible details about what’s to come for their powerhouse system. We’ve seen the look, we’ve learned the specs, so what’s next? 

According to known leaker ‘Timdog’, Microsoft is planning to unveil two major Xbox Series X reveals over the next two-three months. One of those alleged reveals is stated to be set for June’s Inside Xbox with another reveal either preceding the Inside Xbox episode or following shortly after: 

Also mentioned in the tweet is that Microsoft plans to reveal more about the model codenamed Lockhart. Lockhart, according to previous rumors is meant to be a slightly downgraded and more affordable version of the Xbox Series X, though Microsoft steered clear of those rumors for the longest time. 

Given that E3 2020 is no longer a thing and the wording of Tim’s tweet, the Inside Xbox showcase should be slated for a June date, likely mid-June if it’s looking to fill the E3 void. That being said, the spread of this pandemic isn’t slowing down, which means any and all plans are subject to change without a moment’s notice. 

Despite the hilarious fridge comparisons, a comparison that Microsoft itself has referenced, the overall feedback regarding what we’ve seen thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. You can learn more about the next generation with the Xbox Series X with our tech hub here to learn more! 

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