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Trials Fusion – Top 5 Advanced Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Trials Fusion should probably come with a pool noodle. You know, those foam thing-a-ma-bobs that you beat up all your cousins with at family pool parties. Yup, Trials can be that frustrating. However, the way it pits you against your friends is nothing short of genius, increasing playability by constantly having each of you try to one-up the other. If you’re falling behind, or simply want to widen the gap, check out some of our advanced tips to give you the edge you need.

5 – Make Small Jumps

This isn’t a universal rule, yet it applies to almost every track in Trials Fusion. While some jumps require as much air as possible, slowing down on others can put your wheels on the ground first, giving you a big edge over the competition. Unfortunately, the only way to figure out which type of jump will best suit a situation is trial and error. While it’s not uncommon to complete a track on your first try, mastering all of its secrets can only be done through practice and repetition. When you find a suitable opportunity, slow down just as you approach the jump. You’ll notice a huge difference.

4 – Learn to Slow Down

We get it, it’s a bike and you want to go fast. The problem is, this game is far too complex to just put the hammer down and go for it. Just like our previous tip, top speed is key in many situations, but so is being able to recognize when to slow down. As the tracks get more complex, more and more opportunities to put this into practice pop up. In fact, slowing down while climbing steep hills and ramps isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential if you want to make it to the top. While speed is key in any successful run, remember that traction is equally important.

3 – Balance Your Bike

The difference between Gold and Bronze Medals in Trials Fusion is all in the fractions of a second before you land a jump. Hit the track at the wrong angle and you’ll lose precious time, or worse, crash and have to start all over again. Try to make sure that you not only land your jump, but that your back wheel hits the ground as quickly as possible. Because it’s directly related to your speed and acceleration, always be sure to adjust whenever you see it lifting slightly off the track. This frequently happens when you try to accelerate while descending a hill or ramp.

2 – Lean Into Your Bike

This is something that everyone should know, but we still see it overlooked far too often. While leaning into your bike isn’t always an option, it’s one you should take advantage of whenever you’re going up a ramp or hill. Not only will it keep you from falling backwards, it will help to keep your momentum going forward. Additionally, one of our favorite tricks is to lean forward just as we finish a jump. The bump in momentum helps to get your bike back up to top speed just a fraction sooner than if you didn’t lean at all.

1 – Take a Break

We joked with one of our friends about this one. However, this is actually the best advice that anyone is going to give you regarding Trials Fusion. Human beings need breaks from repetition. If you’re having an impossible time earning a Gold Medal, or just beating your friend’s best time, try another track that they haven’t completed. If you’re truly frustrated, take a break from the game and share all of our articles on your Facebook page. More times than we can count, we beat our friend’s best times on our first attempt after a five minute hiatus. If you absolutely refuse to take a break, don’t forget to pick up a pool noodle while you’re out running errands this week.