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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – What are the best T.E.C.H. Assists?

by Bryan Dawson

When you create a custom loadout for the single player campaign or the multiplayer Escalation mode in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, your primary and heavy weapon selection are only the beginning. What you select as your three T.E.C.H. assists are equally important in single player, and arguably more important in Escalation. We compiled a list of some of the most useful T.E.C.H. in the game. Also be sure to check out our free walkthrough of the single player campaign mode!

Energon Heal Burst

In Escalation, if you’re a team player and have the support for your team, this is the assist of choice. The Energon Heal Burst not only heals allies, but also gives them the power to heal over time. What this means is that your allies will slowly continue to heal long after you use the Heal Burst. Unless you’re going for a strictly offensive loadout, it’s a very good idea to have this in one of your three slots, just in case you and your allies get in trouble.

Energon Recharger and Shield Restore Booster

The Energon Recharger allows you to regenerate health at an alarming rate. It regenerates so fast that it makes your character nearly invincible for a short time. When this is coupled with the Shield Restore Booster, you can rush down the enemy without having to worry much about taking damage. The Shield Restore Booster immediately replenishes your shield. It should be used as soon as the effect from the Energon Recharger wears off to double your defensive ability.

Guided Cluster Grenades

The heat-seeking mines of the Guided Cluster Grenade makes it very difficult to avoid. Use them around a group of enemies and you can bet they’ll take damage or possibly get destroyed. If you’re looking for an offensive loadout, this should be one of your first choices. The more of these you have, the better off you are on the battlefield.

Battle Drone and C.U.R.E.D.

The Battle Drone and Cybertronian Ultimate Repair Energy Drone (C.U.R.E.D.) are both drones that assist you in battle, but the Battle Drone is offensive, while the C.U.R.E.D. is defensive. The Battle Drone attacks enemies within range with a near constant barrage of fire. It doesn’t inflict a ton of damage, but it’s great for laying down cover fire while you take down enemies. In addition, it works well to pinpoint the location of enemies. Watch where the drone fires to figure out where your enemy is located.

C.U.R.E.D. simply heals a nearby ally. This works very well if you’re making an offensive push and don’t have the Energon Recharger or Shield Restore Booster. If you’re playing a support role, it works well in tangent with the Energon Heal Burst, as you can almost constantly heal you and your allies. Keep in mind with both drones; you can only have one drone active at a time.

Diffraction Barrier

While the Diffraction Barrier stops enemy fire, that’s not the primary purpose of the defensive tool. You can walk through the barrier, and so can your enemies. The barrier also doesn’t move at all. This makes it easy for your enemies to get around once you lay it down. So if you’re using it to blast away at your enemy from safety, it’s only going to be helpful for a limited time.

Where the Diffraction Barrier really shines is when you need to replenish your shield, and there’s no cover immediately available. Toss it out, then stand behind it and wait for your shield to replenish. While you can also fire at your enemies during this time, a smart opponent will rush toward you to reduce the effectiveness of the barrier. Because of this, you only need the barrier to last long enough to fully recharge your shield, then you can continue the battle with a full shield no matter what course of action the enemy takes.

Vehicle Booster

In most cases, the aerial vehicles in Rise of the Dark Spark are better than the ground-based vehicles. That’s where the Vehicle Booster comes into play. It offers better armor and increases your damage output while in vehicle mode. It has the same effect whether you transform into a ground-based vehicle or an aerial vehicle, but it’s far more beneficial for aerial vehicles.

The increased armor means you can escape a tight situation or bear down on an enemy with unrelenting firepower to finish them off. It’s possible to do this with a ground-based vehicle, but it’s not quite as effective. Either way, this is one of the few abilities that’s both offensive and defensive, making it a great addition to your arsenal.

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