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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – What are the Best Hacks?

by Bryan Dawson

Every time you reach a loadout terminal in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, you can add a single hack to your current session. Hacks generally change certain parameters in the game, possibly making it more difficult, but also giving you considerably more experience points for each enemy you defeat. Some hacks are better than others, so we compiled a list of the more beneficial hacks in the game. Also be sure to check out our free walkthrough of the single player campaign mode!

Tough Guys

Once you get the hang of Rise of the Dark Spark, this hack gives you a 200 percent experience points boost, but the tradeoff is that enemies inflict more damage and have less health. This only makes things harder if you tend to get hit often. If you’re good at avoiding damage, or hiding until your shield regenerates, the experience points boost is well worth it. In addition, enemies have less health, so it takes fewer attacks to bring them down.

No Shield Regen

With this hack active, you receive a 300 percent increase to your experience points. You will level up extremely fast with this hack in place. Unfortunately, the cost of the hack is that your shield doesn’t regenerate like it normally would. Usually, your shield regenerates quickly so long as you don’t take damage for a short time. With this hack activated, your shield only regenerates when you defeat an enemy. You’ll need to take cover more often, but if you have decent aim, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

More Ammo

If the previous two hacks make the game a bit too difficult, this one should be more to your liking. Enemies drop more ammo, but less health, and you get a 75 percent increase to your experience points. It’s not the best increase, but you’re not losing much. In fact, as long as you’re good at taking cover when your shield is low, this shouldn’t make the game more difficult.

More Health

Depending on your weapons of choice, this hack could make the game easier or more difficult. You get a 125 percent experience point bonus while this hack is active, and it causes enemies to drop more health than ammo. Some weapons have very low ammo, and if those are the weapons you like using, this may not be the hack for you. However, keep in mind there are plenty of ammo items lying around, and you can replenish your ammo at each loadout terminal (weapon locker). As long as ammo isn’t a huge concern, the 125 percent experience points boost goes a long way.

Exploding Enemies

With a mere 75 percent experience points boost, you don’t get a huge jump in XP with this hack, but it also doesn’t make the game too difficult (for the most part). With this hack active, every time an enemy dies, they explode. The explosion damages anyone around them, friend or foe. This works very well if you fight from a distance. However, if you like to use close-range weaponry or even melee attacks, this isn’t the best hack for you. Still, if you enjoy using melee attacks, most enemies require two melee attacks to kill. You can hit them with one, then back away and shoot them from a distance to finish them off and avoid taking damage from the resulting explosion. On the plus side, you can use the explosion to take out groups of enemies quickly and efficiently.

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