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Toy Soldiers: War Chest Cheats and Tips

by Prima Games Staff

For years, Signal Studios has been taking to the front lines of toy battles with its Toy Soldiers game series, spanning across two previous releases on the Xbox 360. This time around, however, more players can enter the fray, as Toy Soldiers: War Chest is available for multiple platforms, released through Ubisoft.

As before, your job is to battle against invading toy enemies by placing defenses in certain spots, while occasionally taking a hands-on approach to mowing them down as you can hop into any open position that becomes available. This provides a unique hands-on perspective into each battle, as you could very well be the key factor when it comes to achieving victory over the opposition.

Here are some tips that will help you get started in the game!

Setting Up Your Defenses

As you prepare yourself for incoming waves of enemies, you’ll see several spots that you can lay down defensive tools, including turrets, cannons and more. What you want to do is begin positioning these at key spots on the map, like where enemies first start coming in (there should be one to two open placements here) or closer to your base, as a “final defense” sort of thing. Be sure to balance them out, because if you get too top heavy on one end and soldiers start to seep through, there’s nothing to stop them from entering your base.

Turrets seem very effective against ground troops, but heavier guns can do damage to bigger enemies, including vehicles that can take a pounding while delivering their own amount of gunfire. Start small with a couple of turrets, but as soon as you’re able, go ahead and place a couple of cannons down as well. This will provide you with ample amounts of firepower – the right amount needed to prep for enemies big and small.

Make sure you have all the ground covered that you can. Enemies can sometimes come from different directions, and having too much offense loaded on one end of the field can leave another wide open. Move certain defenses around if you have to in order to make sure that every aspect of your field is eventually covered.

Also, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and hop into a turret or cannon at any point in time. The game is very interactive this way, and allows you to shoot at soldiers at will, instead of letting the AI have all the fun. This will take your focus off the battlefield, but if a certain point on the map is being overwhelmed, this is a good way to clear it out, allowing you to get back to setting up defenses around your perimeter.

Don’t Forget To Upgrade

One cool feature about Toy Soldiers: War Chest is that you’re able to upgrade on the fly with cash that you earn from defeated enemies. It helps to keep your defenses maintained, because otherwise, you’ll need to replace them entirely, and it can take time to put them back on the map – leaving you wide open for invading foes from one of the entrances.

Simply select which turret, cannon or station you wish to upgrade, and make the selection from the menu. Some upgrades can take a little bit of time, but it will continue to run while these are being made. Once done, you’ll be able to see a difference in this upgrade, whether it’s with better firing capability or stronger armor to last against bigger enemies.

Remember, upgrades are just as vital as having defenses set on the map. After all, if they get wiped out, you’re left high and dry – so make every new purchase count.

Don’t Just Stick With One Army

Toy Soldiers: War Chest has four different factions to choose from – the military Kaiser class, the girlie toy Starbright, the fantasy-oriented Dark Side and the sci-fi based Phantom. Each one has something unique to offer, whether it’s specialty weapons, aerial and land vehicles, and certain strategies when it comes to item placement.

So which army is right for you? Traditional players will probably end up starting with the Kaiser class, as that’s the most recognizable for the Toy Soldiers series. However, the others are worth giving a shot as well, if only because they offer some excellent tactics. With Starbright, for instance, you have stronger, shotgun-like weapons on the soldiers, while aerial vehicles pack a punch as well. Don’t count out Dark Side or Phantom, though – they’re powerful as well.

If you buy the Hall of Fame Edition of the game (which is $15 more), you also gain access to four additional armies. G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Cobra and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood are all available, and, like the other armies, offer their own inventive touches. He-Man, for instance, can call upon flying Orkos and his battle cat to turn the tide, while the Creed soldiers strike silently and boldly, striking fear into the hearts of even the greatest of generals.

Really, your best bet when it comes to finding a favorite team is experimenting. Try all the classes and see what their battle tactics have to offer, then select your favorite and take them into combat. It’s all about the potential of upgrading, and what sort of techniques they have that will appeal to your style of play. No matter who you choose, however, you’ll find that you certainly have a good fight on your hands.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is available now.


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