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Total War: Three Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

by John Cooper

Strategy games are hard, and Total War: Three Kingdoms is no different. The sheer number of things you have to consider before each action can be a little bit overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the game. It usually means your first foray into the game will be more about learning how to do things than actually winning and you’ll pick up things as you go. There are a few little tips that can help you get a stronger start though, so we’ve made a little Total War: Three Kingdoms beginner’s guide in order to help you start your conquest. 

Total War: Three Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide


Plan Carefully

It seems silly to put in a Total War: Three Kingdoms beginner’s guide but you really do need to plan ahead. Every five turns you get the chance to choose new reforms. These offer different bonuses depending on which ones you choose, but each of them serves a purpose. It is a good idea to plan ahead when considering which ones to go for. If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of money then it is worth focussing on generating additional income, if you know you’re low on food then opting for better food production is the better choice. If you plan ahead you’ll never be surprised. 

People Have To Eat

As your empire grows so does the demand for food. Make sure to keep on top of it by investing in buildings that help food production and by trading with other factions. You can’t conquer anybody if your army is running on empty so be sure to keep your reserves well stocked. 

Fight On Your Terms

Only ever start a fight on one front if you can, it makes things much more manageable. The same is true of factions as if you anger everyone else in the game you’re likely to get overwhelmed. Try to use tactical manoeuvres where possible too, things like flanking or using ranged units can give you a huge advantage if used correctly. You just need to be careful not to be on the receiving end of these tactics. 

Colors Are Important

Everything in Total War: Three Kingdoms is color-coded, try to play into this whenever you can. A green general will do much better with a horde of green allies than with red ones, so play to your strengths on the battlefield. 

Heroes Should Fight

The heroic characters are incredibly valuable units and are integral to your success. It is tempting to hide them away, but you’ll be squandering some of your biggest assets if you aren’t using them when you can. A hero can take out several other units comfortably so make sure to send them into battle. That being said, make sure they’re supported by other units or you risk losing them for no reason. 

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