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Titanfall: How to Use the Atlas Titan

by Prima Games Staff

In a game where three-story tall Titans bring raw power rarely seen in a first-person shooter, there’s an awful lot of strategy required to be successful in Titanfall. By default, players will have access to the Atlas, with the Ogre and Stryder unlocked through the game’s multiplayer campaign. What we like to call the Swiss army knife of Titans, the Atlas is suitable for almost any situation, without being the best or worst in any.

Each Titan has a Core Ability, with the Atlas having the benefit of Damage Core. When equipped, it will significantly increase the amount of damage you deal. To take full advantage of the Damage Core, make sure to save it for battles with other Titans or even the Evacuation Ship. Similar to earning your Titan at the start of the game, you begin to earn Damage Core as you use your Titan.

For more strategy related to all three of the Titans in the game, check out the video below. You can also purchase the Limited Edition Strategy Guide, authored by professional gamers.

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