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Titanfall 2: Legion Titan Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Legion is the tank Titan of Titanfall 2, as he can dole out a substantial amount of damage, though it will take awhile longer to do so compared to other Titan classes. Legion’s main weapon is the Predator Cannon, a chain gun with a long spin-up time that can deal critical damage to Pilots and Titans.

The Predator Cannon’s default mode has a surprisingly wide spread, making it difficult to land shots at range, or to hit smaller targets like Pilots.Thankfully, Legion has plenty of health and a shield that will allow him to get as close as he wants, in addition to an alternate fire mode that is great at distance.

Titan Kit

We finally have a contender for the Assault Chip! It is always better to Pilot your own Titan—this is Titanfall of course—but if you are so enamored with the movement system that you can’t imagine slowing yourself down in a bulky mech, give Legion a shot.

The reason Legion is fine as an AI is because there isn’t much to him, he has a big gun and a big shield. An AI can not effectively close gaps with Ronin or use Ion’s Vortex Shield to perfection, but it should be able to manage lumbering around with a Predator Cannon.

Turbo Engine provides an extra dash and is the choice for Pilots who actually want to get in Legion, since the Ogre chassis no longer has a dash. While it isn’t much, your one dash will now get you out of Scorch thermite or away from Ronin’s sword. Dashing is a crucial part of Titanfall 2’s gameplay, and no other Kit option will have a bigger impact.

Legion Abilities

  • Smart Core: Provides infinite ammo and locks on to all targets in your hud.

  • Power Shot: Close Range mode pushes back enemies, long range mode is a precision damage.

  • Gun Shield: Place a shield over the Predator Cannon.

  • Mode Switch: Switch Predator Cannon and Power Shot between close and long range modes.

The Smart Core is potentially the best Core in Titanfall 2, capable of melting anything and everything in your path with auto targeting and infinite ammo. Simply keep an enemy in your vision and you will do some damage; you will also notice Grunts, Specters, and even Pilot kills popping up thanks to auto targeting.

There is nothing fancy about Legion’s other abilities. Legion is all about shooting, and shooting a lot. Gun Shield places a shield over the Predator Cannon, though it will not cover your entire body like Tone’s or Ion’s. However, this is still a great ability, increasing the effectiveness of the Predator Cannon by allowing you to aim for a much bigger target than your enemy.

Mode Switch will turn your wide-spread chain gun into a precision shot machine, making Legion one of the few Titans to be competitive at all ranges. Keep in mind that this comes at a price, as the long range mode will cost two bullets per shot, effectively halving Legion’s ammo capacity. Mode Switch also takes time and will require planning to use effectively. The last thing you want is a Ronin in your face while you try to switch back to close range mode.

Legion Kit

  • Enhanced Ammo Capacity: Gives Predator Cannon 40 additional bullets.

  • Sensor Array: Smart Core lasts longer.

  • Bulwark: Gun Shield can block more damage.

  • Light-Weight Alloys: Increased movement while spinning up Predator Cannon.

We usually avoid recommending the Kit that buffs your Core ability, since it is active for such a small amount of time relative to a match. However, the Smart Core is so good and Sensor Array serves as a way to make it even better.

You will be able to take down multiple Titans with Sensor Array equipped, with random Pilot kills thrown in if they happen to cross your HUD. Enhanced Ammo Capacity is also really useful; those additional bullets usually end up being the difference between dooming a Titan or letting it escape.

Light-Weight Alloys sounds great on paper, allowing you to pre-spin the Predator Cannon around corners, but it does not have a big enough impact on speed to justify using the slot. Bulwark is a great choice for Amped Hardpoint, allowing you to stubbornly hold down a hotly contested section of the map.

Legion is one of the stronger Titans in Titanfall 2, get all the tips and tricks to play the rest of the game effectively with our Titanfall 2 Walkthrough and Guide.

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