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Titanfall 2: How to Earn Credits Fast

by Prima Games Staff

Titanfall 2 contains an all new unlock system that is driven by a currency known as Credits, and we will show you the best way to unlock Credits fast. Credits can be used to buy weapons and gear that would normally only be available at a higher level, allowing you a nice shortcut to unlocking the best equipment in Titanfall 2. If you really want to supercharge your unlocks, use our guide to unlock credits fast in Titanfall 2.

How to Earn Credits in Titanfall 2

Credits are earned after multiplayer matches in Titanfall 2. You will receive one credit for finishing a match, one for winning, and one for a “good performance.” A good performance is defined as finishing near the top of the scoreboard. You can expect to earn around 2 credits per match from this alone, 3 if you are on a hot streak! However, there is a second way to unlock more Credits.

You can also earn Credits by leveling up weapons, Titans, and your Pilot. You will earn one credit for each weapon, Titan, and Pilot level you rank up. Since you earn credits for leveling up, it is very important to switch weapons or Titans once you bring them to the higher levels. Weapons level faster from 1 to 5 than 5 to 10, so rotate your weapons to earn Credits fast in Titanfall 2!

Titanfall 2 Happy Hours

Every Network in Titanfall 2 features a Happy Hour, an hour where leveling up is doubled, meaning Credits are doubled! Check to see when your Network’s Happy Hour is, and make sure you play during that hour. If your normal playtime does not line up with your Network’s Happy Hour, switch to a Network that has a Happy Hour going when you are online.

You can even create your own Network, and set its Happy Hour to when you normally play! In the Titanfall 2 game menu, scroll down to My Networks and then to Create. From the Create screen, you can pick your Network’s name, Clan Tag, and Happy Hour. You can only receive one Happy Hour Bonus per day however, jumping from Network to Network for multiple Happy Hours will not work for earning Credits fast.

What to Buy With Credits

Now that you have a bunch of Credits in Titanfall 2, it is important you spend them wisely. For example, if you are Level 10 and you want the Hemlock, which unlocks at Level 13 or can be bought for 100 Credits, it would be wise to simply level to 13 to unlock it. Conversely, if you are level 10 and eyeballing the R-97, which unlocks at level 41, you are better off buying it for 100 Credits. An additional bonus of buying high level gear with Credits is they will stay unlocked after Regenerating in Titanfall 2.

Now that you have a mass of Credits, learn how to build the best loadout with our Titanfall 2 GuideBoosts cost a lot of Credits, make sure you know which ones are the best.

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