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Tips for Playing We Happy Few

by Prima Games Staff

We Happy Few from Compulsion Games isn’t your typical survival game. In fact, if you go out and try to beat down your enemies, chances are you’ll be taken out quickly and have to start all over again. With that, we have a few tips that will help you stay alive as long as possible.

Dealing with Traps in We Happy Few

On occasion, you’ll need to find traps in the game. If you activate these, you’re pretty much as good as dead. However, if you find there’s a certain trap blocking your progress, there is a way to go about disarming it.

There are two different ways around this. The first involves finding an alternate path around the trap. Considering that We Happy Few is an open-world game, this should be moderately easy to do, but make sure you don’t get too shove-happy on the citizens, or they’ll call security.

The second is by disarming the trap. This is where you’ll need to utilize your resources, as you can put together disarming tools that will help you take apart the trap. In addition, try to follow the wires on walls and floors to get a better location of traps, so you can deal with them – or don’t – over the course of your journey.

Using Stealth in We Happy Few

It’s not enough that you act inconspicuous around the residents of Wellington Wells in We Happy Few, as sometimes even the slightest noises can set off a panic with the residents. You’ll want to use your stealth skills to avoid giving yourself away.

First off, make sure you crouch as you try to make your way into strange residences. You’ll make less noise, and won’t be able to alert as many people as a result. Remember, though, that if you attempt to break in and someone sees you, they won’t hesitate to call for help.

Try to avoid crouching too much in public, though. Some may see it as suspicious behavior, and if it goes on for too long, the boys in blue will be called in to subdue you.

In addition, try to watch your travel at night. You won’t be seen as much out in the public, but there will be those with head lamps that won’t be afraid to report you if you get spotted. Try to stay out of their “visual cone” range – it shouldn’t be a problem, as there are alleyways and other areas you can duck into so they won’t notice.


Mastering Combat in We Happy Few

Combat isn’t widely suggested in We Happy Few, mainly because you’re likely to get knocked upside the head sooner than expected – your character isn’t exactly strongman material. However, there are some things you can keep in mind when it comes to fighting, if you have no other choice.

First, try to watch your weapons. They’re useful when you swing them around in combat, but there’s only so much damage they can take. A few hits, and they’re likely to break, resulting in you using your fists – and you could be even more easily subdued without a good one in your hands.

Blocking is also a useful ability in We Happy Few, as you can use it as a parry against certain opponents. If you manage to block at just the right time, you can actually send an enemy stumbling back, and that will give you just enough seconds to try and make your getaway, or fend off someone else. You can also shove enemies aside, but keep in mind that unless they’re downed, they’re just going to come back.

Remember, only engage in a fight when you absolutely have to. Otherwise, it’s game over for you, and you’ll have to start all over again.

How to Get Supplies in We Happy Few

Finally, staying alive is more than just about avoiding enemies in the world of Wellington Wells – it’s about finding the resources to make sure you stay in one piece. Look around for items throughout the world that will be useful to you, such as berries within grassy portions of the game, as well as food within houses. Break in at your own risk, though – you might take someone by surprise going into their residence.

Water will always remain fresh, but otherwise, you’ll consistently need to find other supplies, since they won’t really renew. Use your safe to stockpile as many supplies as you possibly can, and then come back to use them when absolutely necessary.

Don’t forget to pick up a few Sovereigns. These act as currency within the game, and you can use them to stop by the general store and pick up whatever you need to add to your inventory. Don’t be afraid to shop around – but don’t go nuts and get crazy violent either.

Good luck, and enjoy your stay in the world of We Happy Few!

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