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Tips for Playing Lego Marvel’s Avengers

by Prima Games Staff

When Lego Marvel Super Heroes released over a couple of years ago for consoles, it demonstrated that the developers at TT Games could do just as much with a Marvel license as it could with its popular line-up of DC games. On top of that, it offered a who’s who of heroes and villains from the respective universe, ranging from Iron Man to Deadpool to Guardians of the Galaxy cameo-maker Howard the Duck.

Now the team returns with the spiritual successor to Heroes, Lego Marvel’s Avengers. It covers a number of events from not only the two Marvel films, but also other movies within that time frame, including Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

We have beginner’s tips that’ll transform you into a superhero. Excelsior!

Every Character is Unique

In previous Lego games, most characters have the same amount of moves when it comes to knocking enemies into piles of bricks and building objects within the environment. However, that isn’t the case with Marvel’s Avengers, as each character has a unique play style that can be quite useful when it comes to moving through a level.

Combat improved quite a bit over the previous game, as Captain America possesses several stylish maneuvers to use, like his shield throw and being able to unleash devastating kicks. Meanwhile, Thor, hammer in hand, can knock enemies out with ease using his Mjolnir, and can also fly through the air – handy for getting over gaps. The rest have something to offer as well, like Iron Man’s projectile weapons (should you need to take out a cannon or another threat from a distance), and Hulk, of course, with smashing power.

Each scenario provides you the option to switch between various characters. For instance, the first stage of the game switches back and forth between three teams – Iron Man and Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow and Thor and Captain America, as they battle Strucker’s army. Your best bet to learning a favorite character is to experiment and see what each one has to offer.

There are some scenarios where you’ll have no choice but to use a particular character to progress, like having Black Widow activate a switch that Hawkeye has no idea how to use, or relying on Nick Fury’s invisibility to sneak past cameras and activate a terminal that would otherwise be shut out after seeing someone sneak up. You’ll see little prompts indicating when you need to do this, so don’t feel frustrated if you can’t figure it out – your character will likely communicate who you need for the job.

As far as combat goes, each character is great. Hulk has pure strength and range considering his size, Captain America’s stylish moves will get him out of a jam and Iron Man offers aerial superiority at every turn. What’s more, you’ll unlock plenty of new ones as you go along, ranging from Red Skull to The Mandarin (classic version) to Luke Cage and Daredevil. Our eGuide breaks down how to unlock them all, though we’ll provide a few tips on the best characters a bit later.

You’ll find someone best suited to your play style. Who knows, you just might take a liking to Squirrel Girl.

A Little Extra in Combat

Combat isn’t merely about tapping buttons and defeating enemies anymore – Lego Marvel’s Avengers added some interesting new techniques that make defeating certain foes a blast.

Perhaps the most noteworthy is the addition of a finishing move. You’ll begin by taking on an enemy with a few punches at first, and then you’ll see a flashing icon above their heads. Once you press the button you’ll go into a finishing animation, where you can take them out in style and double your score in the process. What’s more, you can keep pushing this multiplier up to 10X its normal rate – something that’s easy to rack up if you’re surrounded.

In addition, some characters can go the extra mile with this little button mini-game to do something within the stage itself. For example, there are plenty of flames bursting in certain stages, but Captain America can put them out with the help of his shield. All he needs to do is quickly jump (by pressing A or X, depending on how big the fire is) and then a quick attack (pressing B or Circle). He’ll launch into the air dramatically, only to come crashing down, putting the fire out and earning you a few Lego Bits in the process.

Some characters can also pull off combo moves. For instance, Thor and Captain America can team up for a vicious attack where Captain America’s shield is struck by Mjolnir, destroying everything within a small radius. This is ideal for taking out tanks or larger vehicles.

Save Those Studs – and Don’t Forget to Stock Up

Studs are little collectible items you’ll find throughout the world of Lego Marvel’s Avengers. There are various colors – silver, gold, blue and purple – and the more exotic the color, the more they’re worth.

By collecting enough of these on a stage, you’ll earn a True Avenger award, which will not only net you a quick Achievement/Trophy for your trouble, but you’ll also gain an extra Gold Brick at the end of each stage. It helps to track down ones in plain sight as well as ones that could be hidden in objects in the environment, ranging from wooden planks to rocks. Smash away and collect the goods.

In addition to the main levels of the game, you can also find an abundance of studs scattered in each of the hubs. The city of Manhattan has plenty to offer, hidden within the streets and each of the side areas. You can also stop by any of the main hubs, ranging from the S.H.I.E.L.D. base to South Africa all the way to Asgard, and stock up.

In return, you can spend these on new characters in the game, including current favorites as well as classic versions ripped straight from the comic books. A price guide is available through our Lego Marvel’s Avengers guides, but you can also shop around through the game and see what you can find. It never hurts to have a little extra muscle, especially when you’re fighting against the likes of Loki and Ultron. Dibs on Luke Cage!