Tips for Doom’s Multiplayer

These Doom tips will help you become King of the Hill.

There’s no question the new Doom has an impressively strong single player campaign, along with the fun SnapMap component that allows you to create custom levels. However, Doom’s multiplayer is a formidable beast, allowing you to conquer friends and even transform into a Revenant to rack up the kills.

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Below are a few tips to help you survive Doom’s multiplayer.

Mastering Movement In Doom

If you stand in one place for too long, you’re dead. If a rival doesn’t get the jump on you with a shotgun, chances are you will be picked off from afar by someone with a Vortex Rifle. The best way around this? Simple – keep moving. Not only does this give you the ability to see how a level is laid out (and where the health is located), but it also makes you less likely to get hit by gunfire.  

Several multiplayer levels in Doom have high platforms that let you get a quick peek at the action below and plan your attack from above, such as nailing someone with a surprise shotgun blast or a quick melee strike. Get vertical!

Find the Best Weapon For the Job

Many players swear up and down that the heavy assault rifle is the most effective gun in Doom multiplayer. While the heavy assault rifle is indeed effective, it’s not as good as other weapons considering how you need to hit your target several times in order to bring someone down. So, what else can you use?

Easy, the shotgun. While its firing rate is slower than most weapons in the game and it can take some time to find ammunition, it wins based on two important factors. First, its impact can easily shred an opponent that gets in front of you as long as you time your shot. Second, its range is quite good, so even if you don’t take out your opponent with the first shot, you’re more than likely to get them with the second if they don’t move out of the way.

If you prefer sniping, the Vortex Rifle is your next bet, with a decent firing rate and a great deal of both range and accuracy. It’s great for headshots and slow-moving adversaries.

Remember to keep tabs on your ammo. No matter which weapon you choose, make sure you know where the pick-up spots are for its ammunition so you don’t run out. These pick-up spots are easy to find once you do a little exploring. By memorizing the pick-up locations you’ll never have to worry about running out of bullets at an inopportune moment.

Using the Demon Rune

There’s no question that collecting the Demon Rune and turning into a badass rocket-launching monster is one of the greatest pleasures in Doom’s multiplayer. However, you don’t want to pick it up right away. Why? Because you can use it to your advantage when other key power-ups appear on the map.

For instance, if Quad Damage manages to come up, you can activate the Demon Rune and protect a fellow teammate while he or she goes after it. Having more power-ups never hurts, and the Rune can go a long way to assuring you can pick them up at the same time – which adds up even more kills for your team as opposed to just getting the Demon Rune on its own. 

Also, if you’re playing on the opposing side, don’t assume you can take the Demon down on your own… you can’t. It has way too much firepower. Wait for an opportunity for your team to ambush the creature and then lay into it with firepower. You will lose almost instantly in a one-on-one contest, even with the most powerful Doom weapon in your arsenal, so remember to plan accordingly.

Use Your Hack Modules Wisely

Finally, you’ll earn Hack Modules over the course of the game that will reward you with single-use disposable items that add to your player’s progression. This includes a Supply Timer (provides armor replacements), a Retribution Tool (gives you stats on the last player who killed you), a Scout Tool (offers the locations of all enemies on the map for a short period of time), a Vital Signs Accessory (shows health bars over the heads of foes), and a Power Seeker (points out nearby power-ups).

You’ll want to use this as sparingly as possible in case you need an edge over the course of a match. Wait for the right opportunity before cashing in your modifiers. Patience!

Be sure to check out our Doom SnapMap tips, as well as the coolest weapons you’ll find in Doom.

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