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The Trevonator Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Get This Shotgun

by Ginny Woo

Borderlands 3 is packed to the gills with references and easter eggs that the team at Gearbox have faithfully put in, ranging from the wacky to the touching. Whether it’s the Rick and Morty gun you’re after or something a little different, there’s definitely a deadly weapon for every want and need under the sun. Check out our The Trevonator Borderlands 3 guide to figure out how to get this legendary shotgun.

The Trevonator Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Get This Shotgun

The Trevanator is a weapon pretty near and dear to the community’s heart. Why? It was named after Trevor Eastman, a long-time fan of the Borderlands franchise who sadly passed to cancer recently. Gearbox invited Trevor to preview Borderlands 3 and to name an item in it, and this weapon is the result. 

The Trevonator is a Maliwan shotgun that can spaw as Cryo, Corrosive, or Incendiary. Its unique ability is that it can shoot 6 elemental orbs in a burst – noted down as “Trev is gunna get you!” under the special effects text. The elemental damage here makes it particularly handy against targets that are armor-clad, and being a shotgun, well, we would recommend getting into lethal range before letting loose.

Obtaining Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3 is often a toss-up between two methods. Taking down a specific boss and farming them a heap of times, or just relying on the in-game drop rates to favor if you’re kicking around the overworld. Boss Week has increased Legendary item drop rates from certain bosses until 8 October, and we have a full list of the items and enemies affected here.

However, The Trevonator isn’t one of the weapons included in this Legendary windfall, so currently the way to get it would be to either trek about the various planets and hope that it pops out of a portaloo, or that it drops from one of the bosses that you’re farming. We’d recommend taking a stab at Graveward who’s decently easy to get the hang of, and if it’s not too straightforward then we have a guide for that fight.

If you need a helping hand with anything else related to Pandora or being a Vault Hunter, check out our tips and tricks for finding and defeating Katagawa Jr.

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