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The Leech Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Weapon

by Ginny Woo

The Borderlands 3 grind is really just about getting yourself the best guns, and honestly, there’s no shame in that at all. That;s really what looter shooters are about, after all. Whether you’re looking for guns that incinerate your foes, guns that are Easter eggs from some of the most beloved TV shows, or just guns that shoot things good – there’s something for everyone. Here’s how to get The Leech Borderlands 3 pistol and why we reckon it’s worth it.

The Leech Borderlands 3 Guide – How to Get This Weapon

The Leech is a Vladof pistol, and you can actually acquire it fairly early on in the game. We reckon it’s a good pick-up in terms of versatility, not just because it has some pretty cool perks. Once you’ve completed the Taking Flight main story quest for Ellie (which involves defending Tannis), you’ll be able to pick this Epic pistol up. Its special weapon effect is that it has an Alternative Fire mode which sets your foes on fire and heals you. Now that’s what we call responsible arson! 

The Leech, while likely named this way because of its self-healing prowess, is also a really good close-quarters partner since it provides you with a 40% melee damage bonus so don’t be afraid to pistolwhip anyone who gets within range. Since getting it is just a matter of knocking out some relatively early-game story missions, it’s a hell of a lot easier than running about and praying that kicking open a bandit’s chest cavity will get you a usable gun. We don’t mind a nice session of boss farming either, but it’s nice when Borderlands 3 just rewards you with things sometimes.

Now that you’ve got our The Leech Borderlands 3 guide in hand, picking up this Epic pistol is really just a matter of following directions and ensuring that you don’t chuck it out once Ellie gives it to you. This weapon should serve you well for quite some time. Need a hand with anything else in Borderlands 3? We’ve got a whole bunch of guides:

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