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The Damnation Destiny 2 Quest Guide – The Last Word Walkthrough

by Ginny Woo

Still trying to work on finishing off the quest to get The Last Word in Destiny 2? We don’t blame you. Acquiring that weapon is quite the process: you’ve got to get a whole lot of work done in the Crucible, not to mention the various hoops that the game makes you jump through just to get a sniff at this hand cannon. However, it’s a fan favorite gun for a reason, so we reckon it’s definitely worth the effort. Check out our The Damnation Destiny 2 guide for tips on how to complete that part of the weapon’s quest chain. 

The Damnation Destiny 2 Quest Guide – The Last Word Walkthrough

Need a hand with The Last Word in general or with acquiring the actual quest to get your hands on it? We have a general guide to how the entire chain works. However, if you’re struggling with The Damnation specifically, then read on. You’ll be a fair way through The Last Word’s chain by the time you come face to face with The Damnation. You’ll already have picked up the Tainted Hive Artifact from the Drifter, and gotten your fair share of Crucible and Hive kills in already.

Now, for the pièce de résistance: finishing The Damnation Destiny 2 quest. This is one step that you might find slightly trickier than the others if you’ve just come fresh out of the PVP mindset. You’ll be required to go to Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector on Titan. As you might have already guessed, you’re going to be taking out some Hive.

Now, the prime target for you here is a Hive Acolyte. Once you keep that in mind, it becomes pretty easy. This Acolyte is going to be untargetable for some time, like all pesky miniboss-type enemies in these weapon quest chains. However, don’t fret. Turn your fire onto the Guardian Wizards that are giving you trouble in the area, and they’ll allow you to actually do damage to the boss. Rinse and repeat this step until you’ve eliminated the Acolyte entirely. After this, take yourself back to The Drifter to commence the next part of the questline: Sullied Light

Now that you have our The Damnation Destiny 2 quest guide in hand, cracking on to the rest of the chain for The Last Word should be a piece of cake. If you start getting stuck when you get to Enkaar, though, then we have a guide to help you through that too.

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