The Best Weapon Modifiers in Starfield

The best ways to deal with your enemies.

Starfield Weapon Modifiers and Customization
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Starfield features a rather extensive customization system for weapons, but even the best components don’t hold a candle to the best weapon modifiers in the game. These deal additional damage by inflicting elemental effects, like incendiary, or improve the mass by using lightweight materials to cut down on weight. It’s safe to say that you’ll want to actively seek out the best weapon modifiers in Starfield.

Best Weapon Modifiers You Want in Starfield

With so many unique weapon modifiers in Starfield to choose from, the world is your oyster. At least when it comes to combat in the game. You have fast-firing, explosive weapons that steal Med Packs randomly upon a kill. It’s a lot to consider. Here are the five best you should use:

  • Explosive: It’s right in the name. This weapon modifier causes bullets to explode randomly, dealing additional damage directly to enemies along with area-of-effect damage to nearby foes.
  • Hitman: This modifier will increase your weapon damage by +15% when aiming down the sights, which is how most players will wind up firing their weapons.
  • Furious: For every consecutive hit on your target, Furious causes your weapon to deal increasing damage. You’ll want to pair this one with a high rate of fire to make the most of its melting effects.
  • Med Theft: I don’t know about you, but I wound up using a lot of Med Packs in Starfield. Med Theft randomly drops Med Packs for every kill you perform with this modifier active.
  • Anti-Personnel: When fighting human enemies, your weapon does an additional +10% damage. As most of the combat in Starfield revolves around human foes, this one is a no-brainer!

All Weapon Modifiers in Starfield

Weapon ModifierWeapon Effect
Anti-Personnel+10% damage against human enemies.
BashingDouble damage when hitting with your weapon.
BerserkerAdditional damage the less armor you wear.
CorneredDeals additional damage as health decreases.
DemoralizingMinor chance to demoralize an enemy.
Disassembler+20% damage to robot enemies.
ExplosiveRandomly fires exploding rounds.
Extended MagazineDoubles the magazine capacity.
Exterminator+30% damage to alien enemies.
FrenzyMinor chance to inflict frenzy on an enemy.
FuriousEvery consecutive hit deals more damage.
HandloadingVolatile rounds that deal more damage but fail occasionally.
Hitman+15% damage when aiming down sights.
IncendiaryRandomly deals incendiary damage.
InstigatingDeals twice the damage to a full health target.
LacerateRandomly applies bleed damage.
Med TheftOccasionally causes additional Med Pack drops.
PoisonRandomly applies poison damage and slows the enemy.
RadioactiveRandomly deals radioactive damage and demoralizes the enemy.
Rapid+25% rate of fire.
ShatteringAdditional armor-piercing damage.
Skip ShotEvery fourth shot fires two projectiles.
Space-Adept+30% damage while in space, but -15% damage on the ground.
StaggeringMinor chance to stagger enemies.
TeslaRandomly deals electricity damage to targets.
Titanium BuildPremium build that makes a weapon lightweight.

Alongside understanding the various weapon modifiers in Starfield, there are some things I wish I had known sooner before playing the game.

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