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The Best Supports in Overwatch 2 Season 2

How to support your team the most effectively.

by Shawn Robinson

Supports make up the backbone of any team composition, being arguably the most important members of a team. You’ll always need a Tank for the frontline and two Damage for potential picks, but without any healing, your team will fall almost instantly. That’s why your choice of Support is crucial, and knowing which is best in the current season can help even more. Here are all the best supports in Overwatch 2 Season 2.

The Best Supports to Play in Overwatch 2 Season 2

While we’ll be focusing on the three best Support characters in Overwatch 2, be sure to experiment with the rest of the roster to find out what’s best. Almost all Support characters are viable. The only character we would suggest avoiding entirely is Brigitte since, as of writing, her rework hasn’t been released and she remains nearly impossible to play. Her ultimate simply doesn’t provide enough to a team to warrant its charge time. With that out of the way, here are the best three supports in the current meta:

  • Kiriko
    • Despite a wave of nerfs hitting the character in recent patches, Kiriko remains an absolute powerhouse. While quite squishy, her methods of escape and damage mitigation are unparalleled. Her kunai travel time might be difficult to get used to, though her damage output can be insane on the right player. That isn’t even including her healing, which can be incredible at short and mid-range.
  • Ana
    • An unstoppable force, Ana has almost never been a bad character to play. Her utility and healing output is incredible, combined with a game-changing ultimate for any potential ultimate combos. Thanks to a recent buff to her Biotic Grenade’s duration and healing/damage output, she continues to be a strong choice for anyone wanting a rewarding sniper Support.
  • Baptiste
    • While requiring higher skill than either of the other healers on this list, Baptiste offers an insane amount of utility, damage, and healing for a Support character. If you can time his healing and damage correctly, the output can be insane outside of his Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix, providing a ton of value to your team. While he takes more time to get used to, we suggest anyone wanting to get better to play him.

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Some honorable mentions that just barely missed this list are Moira and Lucio, who aren’t just good but are quite fun to play thanks to some interesting movement mechanics. Either way, hopefully, this list helps you as a Support player in Overwatch 2 Season 2.

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