Tears of the Kingdom: How to Defeat Master Kohga in TotK

Here is a guide on how to defeat Master Kohga in every location he is located in TotK.

Fighting Master Kogha in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be quite tedious, but simple if done correctly. The enemy is found in various spots throughout the map and only takes a few techniques to beat. Here’s how to defeat Master Kohga in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Beat Master Kohga in Tears of the Kingdom

Master Kohga is a recurring character within Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom and can be found in different spots throughout the map in the latest Zelda title (TotK). He may come off as a difficult foe but can be quite easy to defeat if done correctly.

Here is every spot you can find Master Kohga in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Great Abandoned Central Mine
  • Abandoned Gerudo Mine
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine

While there may be universal ways to defeat Kohga, each spot he is located in features different ways to take him down. Here is how to defeat Master Kohga in every spot he is located.

Great Abandoned Central Mine

In this encounter, Kogha is riding around on a wagon trying to crush Link with a boulder. First things first, avoid being crushed by the massive rocks he throws at you. Every once in a while he will have to halt throwing boulders at you, giving you a moment to jump on his wagon and strike him.

Do this multiple times until defeated.

Abandoned Gerudo Mine

In this battle, Kogha flies a plane above Link. Dealing damage can be done in various ways, such as throwing weapons at him or shooting arrows, but is easiest if you utilize the Tulin’s Wind Burst ability. Use a Zonai Fan, fly upwards, and shoot an arrow at Master Kogha.

Do this until he is defeated.

Abandoned Lanayru Mine

If you have acquired the Yunobo’s Rolling Fireball ability, defeating Master Kogha in the Abandoned Lanayru Mine will be quite simple. The foe uses water to separate himself from Link and has two enemy bodyguards shooting arrows at you.

Use your fireball, take out the bodyguards, and stun Kogha, allowing you to place multiple hits with your sword while he is down.

Do this until he is defeated.

Abandoned Hebra Mine

Get ready for a caged arena match, because that is exactly what you will get when fighting Master Kogha in the Abandoned Hebra Mine. Utilizing your bow will be your best bet for winning this fight. Kogha will be riding a giant Zonai Construct and you must time your shots perfectly if you want to defeat him.

  • When Kogha has three bombs appear, shoot them before they are sent your way. This will explode them around Kogha, causing him harm.
  • Kogha will attempt to shoot laser beams at you. When the Zonai Construct’s arms hit the ground, you have to quickly jump forward and hit the robot. This will stun it, allowing you to strike Kogha a few times.
  • Simply shooting your bow at Kogha will not work. The robot he is atop will protect him. Once the robot moves forward, however, it will not be able to protect him from an arrow, allowing you to fire.

Repeat these steps above to defeat him.

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