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Team Sonic Racing: Tips and Tricks

by John Cooper

Team Sonic Racing is here and brings with it an interesting team element to the kart racer genre. While many games allow you to think you are working as a team, this one demands that you work alongside a couple of other racers in order to get the most out of it. It is an interesting system that benefits those who play with friends instead of just the AI racers and rewards the teams who look out for each other and lift each other up. Well, to help you get started with this rather positive affair here are some Team Sonic Racing tips and tricks to help you speed off to victory. 

Team Sonic Racing Tips and Tricks

Use the Slipstreams 

There are a few different tricks you can do with your teammates, but none are as effective as the slipstream. As a racer drives, they leave a trail behind them that boosts the speed of any of their friends who drive within it. It gives a huge speed boost and lets you and your team take turns to boost ahead while helping each other out. Keep an eye out for that golden slipstream while driving in order to claim victory. 

Mod Your Vehicle

You can buy and earn Mod Pods. These are capsules that contain some kind of upgrade for one of the vehicles and are great for tweaking how the cars drive. They allow you to get a car to feel just how you want it to and will give you a huge advantage in each race as a result. 

Share Your Items

If you often find yourself ahead of the pack then it is well worth sharing your items with your team. Not only will it directly help them out but it will also build up your team boost meter. This trick gives a huge speed boost to your entire team and can turn the tide of a race in seconds. 

Drift When You Can

Drifting gives you a little boost so you should do it whenever you have enough space. That being said, messing it up is easy, so make sure you definitely have enough room to pull it off before attempting it. 

Use Different Cars

Have a play around with each of the archetypes as they all feel slightly different. They also all come into their own in different events with the technique racers being good for technical challenges and the power racers being great for bosses. 

These tips should help you go fast on the track and fend off the competition. Make sure you are following us on Twitter to stay up to date with everything in gaming and check out our Hub for everything else in Team Sonic Racing.