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The Surge Overcharge – How to Use it, What it Does

by Josh Hawkins

Overcharging is a component that players are introduced to rather early in The Surge, and it’s something that may seem a bit confusing at first. In this article we’ll discuss Overcharge in The Surge, how Overcharge works, how to do Overcharge, and even why it’s important. We’ll also take a look at how to increase your Overcharge amount, which will be really helpful as you explore more of CREO’s facility in the game.

What is Overcharge?

Overcharge is a system in The Surge that allows you to take the energy from your suit and transfer it into pipes or powerlines. This will allow you to open new doors, power up lights and other systems, and even at one point, restore power to another Exo-Rig’s Power Core. Overcharging is something you should learn how to do early on, and it is something you’ll need to rely on quite a bit as you explore CREO’s various areas.

How do You Use Overcharge?

Overcharge can be used at select junctions throughout the game. These areas are usually situated along powerlines or pipes, and usually they’ll power on systems in the area and allow you to open up certain doors or shortcuts. The amount of power needed to complete an Overcharge is always marked by large numbers on the item, so you’ll also know what kind of juice you need to Overcharge that particular place and make use of its systems.

How to Increase Your Overcharge Power

The only real way to increase the amount of power you have for Overcharges is to collect Tech Scrap and then make your way back to a Medbay. Once at the Medbay, interact with the medical chair and funnel your Tech Scrap into your Power Core. This will increase your level in the game, as we’ve talked about in our guide on how Implants work, and it will also increase the amount of juice that you have available for use when using the Overcharge system.

If you don’t have the power to Overcharge something at first, then don’t sweat it. You can always revisit the various areas within CREO’s facility, so you can always come back and Overcharge that door later. That’s really all there is to know about the Overcharge system. Make sure you use your Tech Scrap to increase your Power Core Level, that way you won’t be stuck in any areas where you need a strong Overcharge.

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