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The Surge – How to Get New Weapons

by Josh Hawkins

At the very start of The Surge, Warren is equipped with no armor and only a pipe to defend himself with. While you can continue through the game with this pipe, if you really want to become stronger and be able to take down much more dangerous threats, you’re going to need to acquire better weaponry. In this article we’ll show you how to get new weapons in The Surge, which you’ll want to do early on in the game.

How to Get New Weapons

One of the most unique things about The Surge’s combat system is its targeting system, which allows players to target specific body parts and attack those parts directly. This in turn allows you to cut off different pieces of the body, which you can then loot to acquire materials that you may need for crafting later in the game.

We’ve already shown you how to get new Schematics, as well as how to farm crafting materials, and luckily the process for finding get weapons is actually very similar.

Basically, the best way to find new weapons is to acquire them from enemies. This can be done by targeting the hand or arm that they have the weapon equipped to. So, for example, if you’re fighting an enemy with a massive hammer, then you’ll want to target the hand that is holding that hammer. Then, pound away at the hand and build up your Energy. Once you’ve built up enough Energy, you should get the Finisher notification, which displays an icon of the button you need to press to launch a Finishing Move.

Launch the Finishing Move, and then wait for the small scene to play out. Once it finishes, if you damaged the body part enough, the weapon should be laying on the ground. It should be noted that you will not always get a weapon from this, but sometimes you will instead acquire the materials that you need to upgrade that specific weapon.

How to Upgrade Weapons

Now that you know how to get new weapons, let’s talk about upgrading them. Weapons can be upgraded just like your Exo-Rig’s armor can. This is all done by visiting the Gear Assembly, which is located inside of the OPS Center. Once inside, interact with the station and head over to the Upgrade tab. Locate the item that you want to upgrade, and then highlight it. Choose the upgrade level to see what kind of materials you need, as well as how much Tech Scrap it will cost.

That’s all you need to know about finding new weapons. While it is possible to find some laying around throughout the world, most will come from killing enemies and bosses. We’ve also found out that each boss you fight will drop a weapon, and usually those weapons can be pretty handy. You can learn more by heading over to our The Surge guide where we have plenty of tips to help you along your journey into CREO’s facilities.