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The Surge – How to Find Your Power Core

by Josh Hawkins

After you have decided upon your Exo-Rig, and made your way through the opening area of the game, you reach the Medbay inside of the OPS area. Once here you learn that you must find and retrieve a Power Core in order to activate the rest of your Exo-Rig’s functionality. In this article we’ll show you how to find the Power core in The Surge, and even discuss the Exo-Rig a little bit.

How to Find the Power Core

After you learn that you must find a new Power Core, head out of the front exit of the OPS area and continue down the stairs. Up until this point you’ve been fighting flying robots, but now you’re introduced to zombie-fied people in Exo-Rigs like your own.

This is also where you’ll learn more about targeting specific body parts to inflict more damage. We’ll discuss that more in our guide on how to farm crafting materials, where we teach you all about targeting specific body parts for certain materials you need to craft Schematics.

For now, though, take out the first Exo-Rig enemy in front of you, and then head around the corner. There are two more enemies for you to defeat, so take out the one closest to you. You can also head inside the cylinder to the left to find another enemy, as well as a pickup that you can obtain. Now that the second enemy is taken care of, set your sights on the Exo-Rig enemy banging its head against the wall.

This is the enemy holding on to your new Power Core, so target it using the Middle Mouse button (or whatever your console calls for), and then make sure to choose the head as the subtarget. From here, use vertical and horizontal strikes to take the enemy’s health down and kill it. Once you kill it, loot the pickup that drops, and you’ll have obtained your new Power Core.

How to Install the New Power Core

With the new Power core in hand, turn around and make your way back to the OPS Center. Head up the steps and into the OPS area and interact with the Medbay to install the new Power Core. Keep in mind that interacting with the Medbay will restore any medical Implants that you have, but it will also cause all enemies to respawn, so it works similar to a bonfire in From Software’s Dark Souls series.

Once you have the new Power Core installed, you can begin upgrading its power level. A higher power level will unlock additional Implant slots, as well as allow you to overcharge more powerful circuits. We’ll talk about overcharging more in our guide on how to overcharge, but for now you can head back to our The Surge guide where we have plenty of other helpful tips, tricks, and guides to help you along your journey.