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The Surge Fourth Boss – Defeat The Black Cerberus

by Josh Hawkins

After making it through Research and Development, players come face to face with The Surge’s fourth boss, The Black Cerberus. While this enemy may look like a man, the fight that you’re about to undertake will be challenging, and you’ll need all the help that you can get. That’s why we’re going to show you everything you need to know to defeat The Black Cerberus boss in The Surge.

How to Defeat The Black Cerberus

As we mentioned above, The Black Cerberus is the fourth boss that players will face off against. When you first encounter this enemy, he’ll be speaking to a group of CREO soldiers. Wait for him to finish, and then drop down into the arena to get the fight started.

The first phase of this fight is the easiest, as The Black Cerberus’ moves are very telegraphed and easy to follow. Wait for the boss to start up a combo, and then once he finishes, hop in and land a few quick attacks before jumping back out. For this portion of the battle we recommend using a one-handed weapon, as it will give you the quickest attack speed available, allowing you to land more hits. Basically, you want to treat this boss like any other heavy trash (non-boss) mob, and stick close to him, so that he is baited into performing a combo. Just don’t stick too closely, or you could take unnecessary hits.

After you’ve lowered the boss’s health a good bit, he’ll retreat through a shielded door that you can’t pass through. At this point the second phase of the battle begins, and The Black Cerberus calls in a P.A.X robot, like you fought in the first area of that game. While our guide on how to defeat P.A.X will help you some, this particular robot isn’t dumb enough to shoot itself with rockets. Instead, it only shoots a single bullet.

Wait for the P.A.X bot to charge up its shot, and then take position in front of one of the two large cylinders in the arena. These cylinders control The Black Cerberus’ ability to call in more P.A.X bots, so you’ll want to take them out by waiting for the P.A.X bot to fire, and then jump out of the way at the last second. After both cylinders are destroyed, you can get back to stomping this new P.A.X into the ground.

Like the original P.A.X bot, deal damage to its weak points, which are on the legs. After a certain amount of damage is dealt, and the orange bar below its health is filled, the P.A.X mini-boss will drop to the ground, exposing its core. Go in for the kill and deal as much damage to it as you possibly can. Once it stands back up, repeat the process until it falls down again and exposes its core. Continue this process until the P.A.X bot is dead.

Once the bot is dead, The Black Cerberus will come back into the arena. This time, though, he’s gained a very dangerous AOE (area of effect) attack that can deal large swaths of damage to you. Be aware of that attack, learn how he moves before he casts it, and continue fighting him as you did before, baiting him into combos that you can easily avoid.

Whittle down his health until you manage to kill him, and be sure to target any specific body parts to acquire additional Gear. We’d suggest targeting his hand, which holds his electric axe weapon, as it’s a very nice weapon to get your hands on. Once The Black Cerberus dies, the battle will end, and the shields blocking the doors will vanish, allowing you to continue out of the arena.

Now that you know how to defeat the fourth boss in the game, be sure to head back to our The Surge guide for more helpful articles and guides like how to farm for crafting materials, as well as our in-depth look at all armor sets and their bonuses.

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