Superhot: Mind Control Delete Ending Guide

This ending has a pretty intense quirk.

Superhot was a game that seemed to come out of nowhere, then turn into a staple, a must-have for anyone who likes action movies and solving puzzles. It was like a sci-fi alternative to John Wick, especially for the VR versions. A sequel is out now, called Superhot: Mind Control Delete. This new game takes the familiar gameplay of Superhot’s first outing, then adds roguelike elements on top of it to take the story and concept in a new direction.

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Superhot: Mind Control Delete Ending Guide

This game has been out long enough now for some folks to get to the end, and with the Superhot: Mind Control Delete ending came a strange sort of controversy that you would only find in a game like this. It isn’t a huge deal, but enough of a gaming oddity that the developers have opted to go back and tweak it a bit, and players are still unsure of how to feel about it. In fact, some folks have gone as far as to find ways to brute force past it.

Spoiler warning from here on out. We won’t provide story context, but the function of the ending is a critical part as well.

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To make a long story short, part of the Superhot: Mind Control Delete ending requires the player to leave the game running for actual, real-life hours. Originally, it required eight hours to pass, with the game running, for the ending to proceed. You also can’t play the game more until you keep going. After this discovery was met with some backlash, the developers changed the eight hours to two and a half. Part of that change was the backlash, and part of it was legitimate issues with things like sleep timers on consoles causing data corruption. The original intent was to give players a reason to reflect on the story, but sometimes things don’t land as intended.

Naturally, people on the PC side of things were able to find a way to get around the ending situation. This requires players to find their save file, open it in a text editor, and make a small change. To find the save file, you’ll need to find the AppData folder then the SUPERHOT_Team folder, and the SHMCD folder within that. Inside, the save file is You want to back this file up before you mess with it of course. 

Once you have the save file open in your text editor, you need to find a line of letters starting with “ZB.” Once you find that you need to go further in the line to find a “V.” Change that to an “H,” save the file, and reload the game. That small change should brute force you past the infamous timer and let you get back into playing the game. If you’re playing on a console, you’re out of luck. But on the plus side, you get to stew in the experience as intended.

Have you been playing and enjoying Superhot: Mind Control Delete? Have you made it to the ending yet? Did you get what the developers were trying to get across, or are you glad it was changed? Let us know over on the Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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