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Super Mario Run – All Pink Coin Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Super Mario Run has been available for a week now and people are having trouble finding all of the Pink Coins. In the game’s campaign mode, players can complete classic style Mario levels and face off against classic enemies in one of Nintendo’s first mobile game. The campaign also includes a series of special coins, which players can grab when they play, in order to unlock rewards. In this article we’ll show you how to get all the Pink Coins in Super Mario Run, which will allow you to unlock additional coins.

World 1-1

The first Pink Coin in World 1-1 can be found just beyond the first set of coins, right after you get the mushroom. Look for it at the end of a set of coins that you can jump to claim.

The second Pink Coin can be nabbed in mid-air just after you jump over the first set of three Goombas. Climb onto the Question blocks ahead of you, and then jump to claim the coin and keep going.

Keep moving forward and jump up onto the higher platforms after you pass the two coin arrows. Look for this Pink Coin just before a Pause block.

Keep running, and jump over the three green pipes along the bottom of the level. Look for a coin arrow on the last pipe, and then follow the line of coins that it spawns to nab this Pink Coin.

The final Pink Coin in the level can be found by hopping onto the platform with three Goombas on it. You should notice a line of coins running underneath the platform. Ignore those coins and instead hop on the final Goomba to spiral into the air and grab this last Pink Coin.

World 1-2

Continue on to World 1-2 and look for the first Pink Coin just after you grab the mushroom at the start of the level. Use wall jumps to climb the shaft full of coins and then nab the Pink Coin by sliding down the far wall.

To find the second Pink Coin in this level, continue to the shaft with the springboard and then wall jump past the alcove with the Goomba. At the top you’ll find a slew of coins with this Pink Coin situated in the middle.

Move through the level to the first ramp, and slide down it, jumping off at the right moment to land on the higher platform here. The next Pink Coin is hidden inside a group of coins at the other end of the platform.

Continue through the pipe and into the next area. This Pink Coin can be found by sliding down the next ramp and hopping up the walls to a small alcove with an entire group of coins. Grab them all and nab the Pink Coin in the middle before continuing.

The final Pink Coin in this level can be nabbed by moving through the level to the shaft with the two Piranha Plants watching it. Jump up and avoid the plants to grab this coin and complete your collection.

World 1-3

You’ll find the first Pink Coin for this level hidden among a group of yellow coins. There’s a set of two booster blocks nearby that will propel you forward so you can grab it. It can be found near the start of the level.

The second Pink Coin is a bit tougher to grab, as you’ll need to time your movements just right at a Pause block, and jump onto the head of a flying Koopa to propel yourself upwards and onto the platform holding the second Pink Coin.

The third Pink Coin in this level can be nabbed out of the sky. Continue past the special Red Ring in the level, and hop onto a flying Koopa to be shot upwards and through a line of two yellow coins. The Pink Coin is at the end of this line of coins.

Another tough coin to grab, the fourth Pink Coin is hidden underneath a platform with two Goombas on it. Luckily a flying Koopa is underneath, but you’ll need to time your movements just right if you wish to grab the coin and not be thrust into a Goomba passing overhead. Alternatively, if you have big Mario, you can simply flip jump over the Koopa to grab the coin.

The final Pink Coin for this level can be nabbed off of an orange platform just beyond the next set of booster blocks after the fourth coin is grabbed. Don’t jump on the booster blocks or you’ll be propelled beyond the coin and be unable to pick it up.

World 1-4

Use the backward blocks to jump onto the platform with the mushroom, and then jump up to the next platform and onto the handholds above. Follow the handholds to the end and drop on the platform with this Pink Coin on it.

To grab the next Pink Coin, stick to the bottom area of the level when it splits. Use the handholds to jump over the Lava Bubbles and then grab this Pink Coin near the last section of Lava Bubbles on the handhold. You can’t miss it if you take the lower path.

The third Pink Coin can be grabbed on a platform above another set of Lava Bubbles. Look out for a set of handholds, and then use them to reach the platform.

A bit further in the level, you’ll come across three backward blocks. Use them to reach the platform and then jump to the handholds. The fourth Pink Coin can be nabbed by following the handholds to the very end and then jumping up to grab it.

The final Pink Coin in this boss level can be grabbed by using the upcoming shafts to reach another set of handholds. Grab the handholds, then drop onto the platform below to grab the coin. Now finish the level to claim your prize.

World 2-1

Make your way to the top of the first room to find this Pink Coin floating on the highest platform. Avoid the nearby Boos and jump up there to grab it.

Nab the second Pink Coin at the top of this second room. It’s hard to miss, as it’s floating in mid-air. Just watch out for all the Boos patrolling the area, as they can easily sneak up on you and take away Mario’s powers if you’re using a mushroom.

The third Pink Coin in this level can be grabbed by using the springboard and shooting up the first set of coin outlines. The Pink Coin will spawn, and then you can use the springboard again to nab it.

To find the fourth Pink Coin, you’ll need to make it to the third room in the level. You can easily spot it hanging beneath a set of handholds that are patrolled by a Boo. Grab it using those handholds.

The fifth Pink Coin can also be nabbed from this third room. It’s hidden among the outlines beneath the top-most set of coins. It’s easiest to spot when you’re big Mario, so grab the mushroom from the Question Mark block at the bottom if you’re having trouble grabbing it. Alternatively, it can be spawned by dropping off the handhold just over the green door. Don’t let Mario enter through this door, or you could be transported outside the level.

We’ll be updating this guide consistently with new Pink Coin locations as we grab them. Now that you know how to get all the Pink Coins, take a look at our guide on how to get all the Purple Coins in Super Mario Run. After that you can continue on to our guide to all the Black Coin locations in the game, or return to our Super Mario Run guide for more tips, pointers, and in-depth features.

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